Monday, March 30, 2015

A tried-and-tested recipe for getting over the grumpies

Do you have this workbook?

I have it, obviously.

One of the pages inside asks you to consider things that work for you to get over the grumpies.

I made a list of about 10 things that work for me which I won't bore you with in its entirety:
  1. wandering around with my camera
  2. praise and worship music (loud!) in my car
  3. cuddling with the kids
  4. talking to D (unless he's grumpy too)
  5. curling up with my book and a hot mug of tea in my stripey Woolies mug (huge and therefore, perfect)
  6. going for a walk (even better if it's a bit chilly so my cheeks get cold)

Seriously, getting outside is almost a guaranteed pick-me-up.

The kids are the same.

I'd venture to say it works for anyone :)

I need just open the door and they run around, get bikes or whatever, and do their kid thing.

Or we go for walks.

Or I prompt a little - do you want to paint outside?

(there's always a taker - that's the nice thing about twins)

On this day, Connor asked me if I had black paint because he wanted to do something. I didn't but I had white, so they busied themselves outside for a good hour or so.

And then we went for a walk
How do you get over the grumpies?


  1. Little as he is, going for a walk helps with K's grumps so much. My beating the grumps tactics include music, books, walks or watching something funny. Hugs helps some, but not on their own.

  2. Sigh... nothing beats the great outdoors!!! Your children are adorable, I love the photographs of them creating. Hope you have an amazing week!!!

  3. Your little artists in then making. Exercise helps me get over the grumps! And being outdoors especially when cabin fever hits!

  4. Going for a run. Watching a favourite TV series. Jumping on the trampoline with my kids. Playing outside on the grass with the kids and the dogs.


  5. At our house grumpies often equals cabin fever - so we go outside, go for a walk, go to the dam, whatever. A long nice bath always helps me too (and A it seems) or just some quiet time with a book

  6. I need to retreat which David doesn't really understand but if I am alone for a bit then I generally get over it! Or eating - eating always helps!

  7. I'm with Laura.. definitely eating.. haha! That's my go-to solution for EVERYTHING!

  8. I had the grumpies yesterday. I went to swim in the ocean and left the grumpies in those waves. It was GLORIOUS. I guess I just need to get outside when it happens. Nature and fresh air ALWAYS cures the grumpies. For me AND the kids.


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