Tuesday, March 24, 2015

First term feelings on the big school thing

Our first term at big school ends tomorrow.

Sheesh - it feels like it's gone really quickly.

We get reports tomorrow morning which is exactly why I wanted to write something tonight so I'm not swayed by what the reports say, or don't say.

I realised a few weeks ago that it was around this time last year that we attended the open day. Since it was our first school visit (to any school), I thought we shouldn't get too excited and that we needed to visit at least two others to do our due diligence.

But that was the one. I remember saying to a pre-school mom friend that if we don't get in (we're not zoned), I'll have to homeschool because I really am not into any of the other schools.

It's almost sacrilegious to admit that we didn't bother completing applications for any other school.

Anyway, I love the school. D loves the school. The kids love the school.

We love the teachers.

It's such a huge difference to how I felt about the pre-school, I can't even explain.

One of my family goals for this year is that the kids would adjust well to school. I thought that would take a few months.

Truth - it took a few days.

D and I have also adjusted.

Since we bought some extra clothes at the secondhand uniform shop, we're good and I don't have to think about having clean school clothes more than once a week.

I make lunch every night and (don't throw tomatoes at me!) I love it! LOVE IT! I feel like I did when I was making their baby foods years ago. Like I'm nurturing them and caring for them well by doing this act of love.

My second love language is acts of service.

I need to still adjust to only having holidays during scheduled school holidays.... the crowds, and the expense of flights and accommodation due to the entire country being on holiday all at the same time.

But other than that, school is good!

How has your first term been?
blurry Connor but the lounge looks so nice, doesn't it?


  1. I'm so glad you've had smooth sailing! I'm still struggling to be honest, and we've already made it to the second semester! I didn't realize I had so many expectations, expectations that aren't being met. I do remind myself that the ladies love school, they're far beyond their peers, and they're not showing signs of being bored or rude towards their classmates. (Read: this isn't about me!) I'm curious to hear how your report goes. I was informed after the second quarter that they only do reports at the end of first and third quarter so I'm left to piece together what and how the ladies are doing from what their scattered brains tell me.

    1. Also, I've not given up traveling out of season! They're just missing a few days of school after the spring break! YaY for saving $$$$!

    2. Ooh...jealous!!! I would be all for that, but J is Mr. By the Rules and would NEVER miss a day. :(((

  2. I am so glad it is going well. Having a school you are happy with is really HUGE!

    We have had an ok term - I am very much over Cameron's school, very glad we only have 3 terms left! His NS teacher told them he has the solution to the food crisis in the world - we must just eat the prisoners! REALLY Marcia!!! REALLY. In maths they made posters about not swearing - in MATHS!!! ARGH!

    I love Kiara and Jacks school though! They are open, organised and teach the kids properly.

  3. Love that you are so happy with the school - what a huge change from last year. Wishing you great report cards and lots of lovely years there. But remember - no school is perfect. We got 3 great report cards - I am a very happy mom

  4. So glad that you are happy with the school and most importantly that the kids are happy with the school as well! Our first term is not as "important" as yours as Kade is not in "big" school yet but I am happy that he settled SUPER quickly into his new class (after a few days actually and I was concerned cos he was SO vehement about not waning to leave the yellow class) and has made little friends and is just flourishing this year.


  5. Oh and PS I know your guys are going to have the most awesome REPORTS :)

  6. I'm so thankful to hear things have gone well!!! We're enjoying school, too. It just makes for a mad rush during the week, which I DON'T love, but I know that's just part of it.

    I will try to channel you as I make lunches. ;) I don't mind it...but it's time-consuming! There is something really satisfying, though, about seeing all the little pieces tucked together. :)

  7. So glad to hear it's going so well with the school! The kids here are finishing their third of four terms during the school year this week. We have a parent/teacher conference for Phoebe tonight and one for Liam tomorrow night. Tommy's was last week, as his teacher is taking vacation this week for a family reunion. Tommy's went well and I'm hoping the other two go well also. Liam I'm not terribly worried about, as I've seen him progress so well. He's reading lots of small words and small books!!!! Phoebe is going to high school next year and it's interesting. She has a friend that is a boy (but she doesn't want a boyfriend), but they are close and I know they've kissed!!! Aaaackkkk! I mention that as I'm keeping an eye on her school to make sure grades do not slip as relationships with the opposite sex start to develop. She's doing great though and she's a really good student.

  8. This thrills me beyond measure. When compared to how you felt after their preschool. So happy the kids are happy and adjusted and mom and dad are also enjoying it.

    Ps: I'm sill green that you have such a great school very close by

  9. Beautiful captured photos of the little things that matter. I am so happy that it all worked out for you.

  10. So happy that big school has gone well :) Our first term was pretty good, he has settled, he has made friends, he has done well both academically and emotionally. I was very happy with our report and the fact that it is completely ACCURATE is always the main thing for me. Don't tell me things about my own kid that I don't know.. like when a teacher tells you something and you KNOW that that isn't your child.. so the fact that our only "negative" on our report was that he talks too much was no surprise to me, LOL! Enjoy the holidays babies! x

  11. A quick update... The reports were great :)


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