Friday, March 13, 2015

{Friendship Friday} When the moms are friends, but not the kids

So an interesting thing happened at the end of last year.

I realised that there were moms I was friendly with, but that my kids weren't that into their kids, or vice versa.

The one other mom clearly felt the same way because she said to me at the graduation that she was really sad she wouldn't be seeing me anymore.

So I said, well, we'll just have to meet by ourselves.

You could see she hadn't thought of meeting aside from our kids, but she loved the idea.

There's another one too who is friends with this mom. They've been friends since they were 18.

Long story short, we arranged to meet for supper one Wednesday night.

I go to Spanish on a Wednesday night but I told them to go ahead and I'd come join them after my class, which I did.

Can I tell you how nice it is to have friend dates like this? It took me 5 minutes to get there and 5 minutes to get home, and I still had 2 hours with them!

We had a lovely time except they were worried because I wasn't drinking.

I don't drink alcohol... ever. I think I'm the only person in creation but there it is. I really like to be completely and utterly stone-cold sober.

Anyway, it seems we're doing this monthly! YAY!

It's perfect - I'm out anyway so it doesn't impact the kids or D any more than my usual Spanish does.

And then there is another mom (the one with the amazing house). When we're on our walks, we often see her driving and we wave. So she sends me a message to ask if I want to meet up for a walk? YES, I always do.

So we're taking the kids this weekend. TOO FUN!!! If it doesn't work out, that's fine but I do think it will be nice to have some local walking buddies to get in our 52 walks in 2015 :)

I think I mentioned before how awkward it is when the kids are friends but the parents don't really gel.. so to find a solution for the opposite challenge is really nice.

Do you have situations like this in your life?
Or do you only make friends with moms because of the kids?


  1. Yes...I had many friends whose kids weren't friends with my kids. It gets more difficult when your husband doesn’t like your friend's husband. Then you are limited to coffee and lunch dates.

    1. That is the worst, Lynette. I have one of those where D has outright refused to get together with them :o

    2. Thing is I don't blame K...sometimes the men are just not suited.

  2. We have that too, but because I cannot go anywhere without my child, we tend to force the situation a bit.
    I do not drink alcohol either.

  3. I have 4 moms at school whose daughters used to be good friends with A but as the years and class changes has moved on they have all now moved on to other friends. Not that they will not play together when the occasion arise - they will still. One of them has asked me to go for coffee some time but we need to co ordinate a time

  4. Does it count if I don't like the kids? We haven't really had this happen so I am not sure what I would do. It is easier though to find friends based on my kids friends.

  5. My kids are still young enough that they will play with whomever they are around to play with. Its also quite weird cos I think I am THE only person in the world whose not made friends with mom's from school? Mostly because I hardly meet any of them at drop off? That said I do enjoy having a meet up with my friends with no kids cos it gives me some breathing room for myself.


  6. I'm friends with a mom that my daughter was friends with both her boy and girl twins when they were in elementary school. They used to have playdates and such and all the parents (Tom and her husband) would hang out and order pizza for dinner. Now they are teenagers and have different groups of friends, although I do understand the son still has a crush on Phoebe. I, on the other hand, am still friends with the mom and we want to get the adults together for dinner sometime soon.

  7. Never actually thought about this.. but when I do.. I think I only hang out with the moms of my kids' friends. Not purposely but they'll ask for a play date with a kid they generally like and that's how it happens? And I don't socialise with the moms outside of school so unless it's because our kids are friends.. where do you actually find them??


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