Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I'm a girl who likes a project

I realised the other day I have many projects on the go this year (besides the business of life stuff and running the workshops):
  1. 52 photos of my kids, one every Sunday - going well
  2. 52 walks - I've done 13 already so we're ahead of our goal
  3. 70 books for the year - I've finished 11
  4. 25 recipes to try - I've done 5
  5. 52 pieces of mail - I've sent about 12 
  6. 6 Love Languages workshops - I really hate asking for help but I'm asking anyway. If you know of anyone who has not been to a love languages talk and is the slightest bit interested, please send them my way. I will also travel if you will get at least 8 people together!

And then there's the #doorsofjhb series. It's no secret I love doors with a mad passion.
Mandy sent me a link on Facebook of a guy who's taken 3000 pics of doors in NYC and my brain started whirring.

A few days later I made a doors folder on my computer and dragged all the door pics in there... and then the next day I went on a photo hunt looking for those doors.

I'm having fun! But I realised the project should have been called #gatesofjhb because there are very, very few doors one can see from the street. Instead we can take pics of our 6 ft high security gates :)

Tell me about your projects for this year.

Oh, here are the first 4 photos of the kids' #the52project.


  1. The only project I have this year is to start on my photo wall in the passage...I have been planning it for two years and still not a single item on the wall (insert eye roll).

  2. I may not say it out loud but I do have a few- Start painting again- 1 down, one half. Cook new recipes - one a month - 2 down, need one for March, Catch up on Project life, the usual 36 books and then the big goal - live a bit easier - have a bit more time for ourselves. This is sort of going ok

  3. You have far too many projects ;) LOL!
    I'm doing a 52 week photo project, and I'm aiming to run 12 half marathons this year.
    That's enough for me

  4. Oh I am so a project kind of gal. Just cannot resist them... if it is called a project then I will surely get it done. It's all in the name!!!

  5. I'm smitten with the door project! Just today I was scoping out houses, sadly the 'burbs have plain doors. :/

    And my only serious project this year is to keep my head above water! Some days that's quite the challenge.

  6. Is "just survive the year" a project?

    No seriously - I would love to get my parenting workshops off the ground and our blogging events/conference and there are a few smaller ones.

  7. I am aiming to run 8 half marathons this year. And I am toying with extending my distances to include a 32km run before the year is out... I also need to complete my photo wall at home and I am dying to paint a feature wall in a lovely TEAL colour in our downstairs lounge...


  8. My photo projects - monday selfie and a daily picture of K! So far doing great on both. Aim to run/walk 100km per month (March is proving to be difficult because I've been lazy). Jan and Feb were good race wise.

    Do at least 10-12 10km official races. One down, one this weekend. 8/10 more to go. finish photo books of K's first year pictures. 3 done already. And read more - 4 NF and 12 Fiction. I've read 4 books this year. I started reading 2 and I'm not feeling both, and I'm battling because I'm a finisher but I need to move on and read other things


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