Sunday, March 01, 2015

I'm selling some cameras!

I'm clearing out stuff I'm not using and I have 3 things for sale:

Moss Green Jo Totes Camera bag

Here is the takealot listing. It retails for R899; D paid R850; offers from R650.

Nothing wrong with it - it is in excellent condition (I even have the bag it came in and the one strap STILL in plastic!). I just don't use it very much because I prefer to use Mandy's camera case and toss it into my normal bag.

I feel slightly bad because this was a gift from D and the kids two birthdays ago.....

Jo Totes Rose Moss Camera Bag

Samsung DV150F Point and Shoot Camera

Here is the takealot listing for R989. Offers from R750. Everything is included, exactly as I bought it.

Less than 100 photos taken with this thing. Super new (like October last year!)

Impulse purchase..

3. My Nikon pink camera

I just am not using it. I used it for six weeks and then we went on holiday with my Canon, and since then, it's been lying in my cupboard.

Here is an amazon listing; the takealot one goes to an error page.

I paid R3000 plus R400 for a memory card. Make me an offer for both, or just the camera :)

I've just looked through some photos I took with it....and I'm rethinking my decision but I'll be strong and not take the camera out just in case I cave!

4. I'm also thinking of selling my beloved Sony Cybershot

That one has lots of sentimental value though. It's the camera I used to take most of the baby/ pregnant pics.... and lots of overseas trips. So I'm partial to it... still. Someone at work desperately wants it and I'm just not sure.

Amazon listing

Would you sell it?

At the time (7 years ago) we paid about R2400 for it and it's been (it is) an amazing little camera.

Let me know either in comments or mail me if you're interested in anything. Otherwise I'm going to send out a mail at work, and failing that, this OLX I hear so much about :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. I would sit with the Sony and the Nikon, decide which gives me the best and sell the other.

  2. I think you need one point and shoot. That would leave you with none, right? The rest can roll.

  3. Good luck...hope you get takers. I was so disgusted with my camerabag after it was stolen and found minus camera and lenses that I chucked it in the bin ;-)


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