Friday, March 06, 2015

Joburg-style entertaining

I've spoken a lot on the blog before about how it seems in my circles, most people prefer to meet up by going out to eat instead of having people over.

I have wondered if it's just us... but that's another story!

Then we had a family wedding a few weekends ago and I was reminded of something else which I thought only happened to me, but my BIL also spoke about. Now I think it's maybe just a facet of Joburg-style entertaining.

He said he doesn't get this Joburg business where people ask you to bring basically all your own food with you. He said if he can't afford to have people over, he doesn't invite them :)

We've spoken before about bringing a salad or dessert with you, so it's not that.

He gave an example where their neighbours "invited" them over for a braai, and then said they should bring their own meat, and their drinks and could they also bring a salad?

So he said (hopefully only to us!), "well then that's bringing the whole meal! What's the point of inviting people over?"

HA! Too funny.

I didn't mention anything about how my SIL used to invite us over yearrrrrrs ago and tell us to bring our own food. Payback :)

 Funny stories aside, amazingly I still managed to see a few friends despite doing no "entertaining" .

We didn't want to add any more complexity to our life with all the nanny drama, so we made a decision early on to do nothing the whole month.

This is what nothing looks like for me:

As soon as I hit publish, I'm going to update my March calendar with a few plans.

But the main plan is we are going to see MICHAEL BUBLE on 21 March. I CAN'T WAIT!

Are any of you going?
What are your hospitality/ social plans for March?


  1. Ooh...Michael Buble...jealous!!!

    I have been having a really hard time prompting myself to have folks over since I started work. It's my "turn" to host our crepe/fondue night. I had it scheduled, but then J got sick and I cancelled. I STILL haven't rescheduled, and that's been a couple of months ago! Ack!!!

    I feel bad...but on the other hand, I really feel like I have my hands full, just managing the household during the week. Then on the weekends, I feel like I should devote as much time to the girls as I can.

    On the other hand, I know it would be good for them to see people over, us entertaining, making friendships a priority.

    Sigh. Need more energy! ;)

    1. I know, I can't wait, and D reminded me we need to start listening to the CDs to prepare :) (this is so us!)

      What about Sat night after the girls are in bed, around 7/ 7:30? (strangely I don't feel guilty making night plans....)

  2. In an ideal world and in my mind I would love to be a good entertainer at home!! I'm really over dates at restaurants!! Always feels rushed! I like home comforts!!!

    I love Michael Buble but I can't handle the crowd or noise, hence the reason I don't go to concerts or carnivals. I'm only getting to the point now where I can handle the noise during gym classes without having ear plugs on .

    1. Love how you say "in an ideal world" :) I'm getting over restaurants even faster, feeling like you have to scream/ lipread to have a conversation....

      I have two words for you - Carnival City. Those are my ideal concerts - small and intimate :)

  3. Funny enough - and is this a Pretoria or Afrikaans thing - all our socials this year (and we have been way more social than the usual) were invites to peoples' homes. This Saturday for instance was at a friend of A home and the parents refused that we bring a single thing. And they literally catered drinks wise for any possible taste.

  4. Oooooh Michael Buble! I love him!!!!

    I love having people over but it seems most friends of mine prefer meeting at restaurants but I'm over it especially if I have the kids with me (which is what happens most of the time).

    March is quite busy with parties, playdates, my cousin's bachelorette party, a half marathon and teaching at Kids Church... and hopefully hosting the Francois family at long last at my home :-)


  5. We haven't done much entertaining lately either. Usually when we entertain though, Tom likes to show off his cooking, so we usually don't ask people to bring anything other than if there is something special they want to drink and a dessert if they like. We aren't really dessert people. Rarely ever make it.

  6. I think I commented before and said we entertain a lot at home. It just more comfortable for us and as we usually have big groups of people, its easier to interact with each other than being seated at long table in a restaurant and only able to converse with the people sitting close to you. We are also of the school that if we invite you, we need to provide the bulk of the meal. Guests do offer to bring a salad or dessert and I will accept the offer but I would never ask on my own. When we are invited over to someone else's home I also ask what can I bring. I must say though that entertaining at home it is quite expensive especially when you catering for drinkers. But I really do love entertaining so I won't stop.

  7. This bothers me to no end. I think it is fine if you are a struggling student, but grownups need too be grown-up.
    I really would rather not go or have you to my place instead, if I need to lug all my food to somewhere else.
    If I invite you over, I will make all the food and drinks, and use expect the same of you invite me over.
    Meeting at restaurants do not wOrk for us, because little kids do not sit still, and I cannot relax while my child wants to run.
    I also do not like the birthday parties at fancy restaurants, which I have to pay for. Do not have a party if you do not have money to cater.


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