Sunday, March 08, 2015

Nanny updates & my list of house projects

So nanny S returned to work this month.

She had a big smile on her face at the start and at the end of the day.

It's like we can all breathe again.

The kids are calmer, I'm SUPER calm and D is his usual self (but not telling me how the nanny's eating all the ham/ cheese, etc.)

I didn't even THINK to phone or SMS to check if the kids were picked up on time, etc., things I used to do almost daily with the other nannies.

It's the small things - she checks through the fridge to make sure fruit/ veg is not going off without me telling her.

She checks the menu planner and asks me things like, "how much rice do I use for the tuna bake?" Aaaah, bless!

I'm going to paint my "portrait" wall! What colour would you go? What colour do you think I'm going?

I told her the house is slightly to very out of order due to all the nannies doing their own thing, and to fix where she sees there is a need. I have been sorting out things as I see them but I can't check the entire house daily. And everything is back in its place. It is a beautiful sight to behold.

Best of all, I can get my list done. It's amazing to me how quickly one has to do house maintenance.

I was thinking how ugly my carpets look in the main area and thinking, "but they're new", and then I worked it out - um, not new. They're 6 years old because I was newly pregnant with the twins when they were replaced. Do you guys budget for these "regular but infrequent" house things? We never have, but it may be a good idea.

I have this list of 9 projects to do around the house. 1 is already done and we're only 1 week in - yay :) (The carpets are not on the list!)

Tomorrow I have a tree feller coming, and then I can get a builder in to fix around the pool, and then finally we can PAINT.

By we I mean the person who is going to paint, not D and me.

However, I have this crazy idea of building my own bench for outside... and a window seat in the sun room... I think all the heat in Jhb's got to me, to be honest :) Clearly I think I'm Mandy! HA :)

Do you have a list of house projects?
What's next on your list?


  1. Bliss!!! I can sense your relief!!!! So happy things are getting back to normal in that regard!!

    I would paint the wall cream but I think you are going for grey!!! You've written so much about your love for the grey wall that I would be shocked if it was any other colour!!

    Talking of tree felling - need to get that done! Huge tree on the perimeter between a neighbour and us. It is such a huge tree it blocks out all the sunlight. Good thing neighbor doesn't care for it much but sadly it is outside so we need to get the municipality to do it (at least that's what we've been told)

  2. Oh I can just hear you total sense of relief and happy in this post. So glad life is easier.

    I think grey like the Ballito wall although I would do a blue undertone.

    And we do have a long long list....

  3. We are busy extending the house, new kitchen, new bathroom. I am very head in the sand about it all.

  4. Glad your world is back in order!!!

  5. I can be hired! LoL!
    So glad life is coming back into order for you. Are you still looking at expanding the house or are all these mundane projects? My list is growing, and it's only to make the house sellable (aka pretty)!

  6. I have a whole list of house projects coming up...since we're moving into a new house in three weeks. First up is a frame for N's bed...and she gets to help design it.

  7. Yay! So glad that Nanny S is back and that you are both happier!

    We have a list for the house but we are struggling to find the time to actually action any of it. With the kids being smaller they demand a lot of our attention on the weekends and well week days are just not an option right now. I would paint that feature wall a divine shade of TEAL but you are most likely going grey :)


  8. Glad to hear Nanny S is back! It's so nice when someone learns where you like things to be put. Niki used to do that when she was here and it was so nice. On the carpets, I'm in the same place. I have my own steam carpet cleaner and I usually use it twice a year, but after 9 years, I hate them! I want to replace them with hardwood floors though. I like those much better than carpet.

  9. Currently we are saving up to have our kitchen re-done. Its a very old kitchen in need of a lot of love. But the prices are just crazy. We bought a fixer-upper in 2012 and have been renovating it since. We do some of the ork ourselves and call in experts for the rest. But it has been a never ending project. The list of projects just keep going and going. Glad Nanny S is back. Coming home to a clean house is bliss.

  10. Glad you have the nanny back.
    make lists and work out how and if we can do it, then hubby and I get to it.
    We are pretty good with painting and carpentry. Our next big project is replacing the kitchen doors

  11. It makes life so much easier if you have someone like Nanny S that you can trust without having to tell her to do stuff the whole time. So happy that she's back in your home, looking after you all so good.


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