Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Our official photoshoot in Newtown

I keep forgetting to share some of these photos with you.

I showed you the ones that I took - shoot 1 and shoot 2.

And here are some of the ones from the official photographer, Eve Meyer. I get an official shoot done purely so there's a record of me being the mother. I'm finally happy with the photos I get of the kids and D :) :)


Jeanette took photos of us in front of this door too... 3 years ago

babies!!! - I want to get this one enlarged and put up in their room. After the list of 9 is complete :)

and yes, Thursday is still making appearances in photos. I love it!!! Connor still plays with Friday but these days, he's hanging him up by his ears, and other such boyish things.
Did you see my Newtown pics the first time around? 
Which is your favourite?


  1. LOVE the black and white at the precious wall!!
    And that one with Kendra and her hands on her hips... love her spunk in that one :)

  2. BeautiFuL! I like both set of pictures as they tell different stories! And are vastly different. The picture I can't get enough is the one of them from the first shoot with Thursday and Friday ( hopefully my memory hasn't failed me)

  3. These are lovely!! I love the two kids and you and Connor. So cute!!!!

  4. They are all lovely!

  5. I love that one with them both hands on the hips at the precious wall! You are so right - that needs to be displayed.
    I actually love both for representing different times and different phases. And D is wearing a T shirt of of one of my favorite bands!

  6. I love them my friend. I really want to take the kids back to the Soul precious wall every year but I doubt the art will stay up forever ;-)

  7. You have the most adorable babies... I love how you all interact together. Beautiful in every way!!!

  8. Beautiful photos. Love the black and white ones of you and D.

  9. These are awesome pics! You have a gorgeous family!!! Love Thursday in the photos! Phoebe still has her teddy bears around. They are twin bears (before we knew we were having twins, we bought a second as a backup and she found it). She calls them Mr. Bear. Liam has his teddy bear, named Sushi. He is rough with him, but he loves to have him around. Tommy never really got attached to a stuffed animal. He has his soft cozy blanket.

  10. They are all stunning! I especially love the B&W of you and D looking so in luuuuuv :) And I like the last one where you're carrying K like a baby... love carrying my babies like this!


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