Saturday, March 28, 2015

So, let's talk parties

We've been to three parties so far this year: two of them were old friends of ours (old in kid terms is we've known them for a few years :)) and one is a new friend in the kids' class.

my favourite photo

the other coloured M and Ms :) Such self-control!

who remembers these apricots from school days?

K is not sure what to do with Miss K who has a mind of her own

My K is the only child who packed cucumber and tomatoes in her party bag :)

These kids all turned 6 so I had an opportunity to notice a few things:
  1. the kids mainly invited their own friends, not the kids of the mothers' friends
  2. they were all the same age (roughly) unless a sister or brother of the invited kid
  3. there was still a fair amount of family (cousins and so on)

The one party happened last weekend and that was a nice, small party with 6 girls from the class, the birthday girl, her little sister and another little cousin.

Lovely and intimate, and the mother could do very hands-on stuff with all the girls (so relaxing for me!). She even made them each an apron!

These are the parties I'm so looking forward to hosting for my kids. I, of course, don't mind having a boys' party and a girls' party if the numbers are smaller. A bit more civilised :)

(Cat, I always think of that mosaic party you did for A - perfect example!)

So when do you think the "friends" parties start happening?

I thought we could do one of those big parties with own friends and children of the mothers' friends for another year or two.

What do you think?

When did your kids start having just their own friends at their birthday parties?

(if you have birthday parties, of course)


  1. I think at about 9/10 for Cameron - basically when he wanted a paintball party. Kiara has never really cared much for a party to be honest. This year she just wants to take one friend ice skating

  2. I think you will know what to do as the kids get older. I recall friends of my mom coming with their kids until we were 10 in addition to my own friends.

    And yes your K is probably one of few who will be happy with a tomato in their party pack.

  3. For us, it was when the girls started school. Before that, their friends and my friends' kids were one and the same. Either my children were exposed to my friend's kids or I sought out the parents of the children they got along with and established friendships. Once they started school, there were more and more children whose parents I didn't meet until party day. Still, I'd say our party guests are still majority families where the friendships cross generations, mostly because I think it's important to know my children's friend's families... and because my kids' guest list usually numbers 50+! (That's why we do sandwiches and cake at the park!)

  4. That mosaic party was great! When ours turned 7 last year (grade 1 typical age) it was own friends only (apart form our best family friends). But with A now at 10 its just school friends because they all know each other and it's a bit like a closed circle - anyone else will feel left out.

  5. I'm not sure actually but I would assume it's when they get to Grade 1 and it becomes more about them having "friends" of their own.


  6. You know my story.. we are on year 2 of inviting whoever the birthday kid wants to invite. I do manage the guest list though and give direction. If they had their way, we'd invite the whole class, so I look at the numbers and say something like "ok, only 4 school friends" or whatever.. because our family and close friends are quite a big circle as it is..


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