Thursday, March 26, 2015

Summer... around here

for your delight, I left in the laundry :)

party favours from Miss K's party

I take random photos of skies/ trees/ plants while the kids are being silly....

the gem - photo 1/52 for my 52 project
I thought it best to post these photos before we're wearing jerseys again!

I did my February photo-choosing exercise the other night and consciously chose photos of us in sandals because there will be plenty of photos of us in our takkies soon enough, right?

It's strange. Summer, that is. It hasn't felt like it was a long summer for me - I haven't had many of those days where I feel like I'm going to combust from the heat... or too many heat headaches. Of course that could be due to the frigid temperatures in the work office. Who knows?

Are you pleased it's autumn? Or do you miss summer?


  1. It's really been a very hot summer I think - I really love summer and more than once felt that it was very hot on the odd day. And dry - luckily we now have some rain. I am ok with autumn but gosh, am already fearing winter

  2. I miss the longer bright days of summer. I don't like that it gets darker so early in the evening. Not to mention how horrible it is to wake up on those cold dark mornings. Gorgeous photos as usual.

  3. You really haven't complained, have you! Good job!
    I'm ready to have words with Mother Nature should I see even the threat of one more snow flake! (Yes, they're calling for snow showers tonight) I am sooooooooo over winter! I'd love to get to the dog days of summer so I can wish for snow again! Ha!

    1. Also, I'm so jealous you hang dry your clothes! What a luxury!

  4. No, I am not pleased with means that Winter will soon arrive...and I am not friends with Winter. Gorgeous photos of your two little treasures xx

  5. love love love the pictures. I'm too happy for summer to leave. Loving autumn. I love all seasons aside summer, the heat kills me

  6. I love summer! I miss summer... I like autumn too BUT for me it's over too soon and I know it heralds WINTER! BRRRRRRRRRRR, and I have a feeling this winter is going to be a very COLD one!



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