Thursday, April 02, 2015

A year ago...


I res.igned from my job.

Absolute best decision ever - I highly recommend it!

I'm feeling some of those feelings because last year this stuff all happened around Easter, and this weekend is the Easter weekend.

8 days

the farewell

4 days

One day left

The last day

All I can say in reading all those posts again is this - life is way too short to take that kind of thing again.

Life is not meant to be peachy all the time but there are different degrees of stress, and I'm sorry but work situations like that are not something I'm ever going to put up with again. Ever.

I now know I can live off less than a third of my current salary and, not that I want to put that to the test, it's really nice to know that. Non-desperation is a wonderful thing and brings an amazing feeling of freedom.

How have you guys been doing?

And how is this year comparing to last year the same time? Cat had a shoulder op a year ago, a lot of you had newborns, etc.

Let's chat in the comments.

PS all pics from my last photowalk on the old work campus


  1. What a difference a year makes!!! I'm actually close to tears thinking of it all but now all I have is tears of joy that that storm is over!!!!

    I had a tiny 4 month old baby last year and now I had a busy toddler on my hands. And I was relishing the last days of my maternity leave

  2. Wow...a year...

    I am so thankful you made that decision, Marcia! And I am so thankful to hear you reflect on it in such a healthy way.

    This time a year ago I was trying to save the girls' last few weeks of preschool. Wow to that, too. Now they only have about 6 weeks of kindergarten left! Craziness.

    Just hanging on for the ride!!!

  3. Gosh yes, I was constantly thinking about the op last year - so glad that is over. One of the best things I ever did - only regret - not doing it earlier and saving myself months of pain. And gosh, I am so glad that a year on you can see the grace of God so very clearly.

  4. You know SO much can change in just one year, its quite amazing isn't it? SO glad that you came through that storm better than ever! God is good all the time, All the time God is good!

    A year ago I was dealing with the newborn lack of sleep and trying to find my feet balancing everything as a family of four. This year things are calmer and yet also more rowdy than ever with two busy kids on my hands who keep me on my toes.


  5. So happy you made that decision last year!!! I was about to go through a job change last year, I just didn't know it yet. In May, I would meet my future manager with a great job opportunity. I'm really loving it still !!!


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