Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Connor sick

A few weeks ago Connor was a little bit sick.

We always know immediately because he says things like, "I don't feel like eating. Can you please pack my food away for tomorrow?" (BLESS!) and "can I please go lie down on the couch?" (he never wants to miss the action so this lets him be there but still resting).

This was the day I took Kendra to the girls' party so when I got back, D and K went to church while I stayed in with Connor.

I grabbed one photo of the two of them together, and then took a few pics of him alone.

Shame, poor thing.

However, he was right as rain the next day and I had a little bit of that out-of-sorts sickness later that week. Like it would almost be better to vomit instead of feeling kind-of nauseaus the whole time.

Mine lasted about 24 hours too.

I always feel like being home from work is so wasted because I couldn't even read in bed; I was OUT for the count.

When was your last sick day?


  1. Is it evil that I kinda want a sick day??? I don't think I ever took one before the girls were born (in the 6 years I was with my current company). The last I remember was in 2001! ;)

  2. I think last year with my shoulder op? Cute young man - hope he is better soon.

  3. I can't remember but on days I feel a bit off I do grab a lie down here and there in the day when I can :)

  4. Poor sausage. My last sick day was a day I had to take off work cos Gemma was sick and so was Thembi!

    I think I was last sick this time last year when the 4 of us in our home were passing lurgy from person to person and back again.

  5. Poor thing! My last sick day was similar. It was about a month ago when Tommy had a stomach bug so back he had to go to the hospital for Zofran (anti-nausea medicine) as he couldn't even keep fluids down. It was rough. Both DH and I got sick that week too. DH in mid-week and mine the following day. I do not like sick days. I love days I can play hooky though!!!!

  6. Glad it was a quick thing! Poor baby


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