Friday, April 10, 2015

Grab a cuppa - here's some fantastic reading for the weekend

I have two feedly accounts - one for home and one for work. The work one is for stuff I just read and skim - no further action is required. The home one is where I need to click through to read the full post (99% of blogs are blocked at work) or I need to comment (so all the personal blogs) or if they have podcasts I'm not subscribed to.

Anyway, that's a very long-winded way of saying because of this doubling up scenario, I have a TON of posts I want to share with you, so let's do this.

1. on how reading some blogs can make some women feel inadequate

my favourite quote from the blog post...

"if a blog is making you feel inadequate rather than inspired, it is totally okay to admit that you’re not strong enough to handle it.  Stop reading that blog and spend your internet time consuming material that fuels you and brings you joy instead".

I don't have this with lifestyle/ parenting/ photo blogs, but I do get like this with business stuff. There's a lady who started her online coaching thing the exact same month as I did. She is uber successful and here I am, still struggling to fill an 8-person workshop.

On that, I'm actually wondering whether it's time to let go.

not K's hands; they belong to some random child at a party

2. What's your organising style?

A post I wrote late last year for another blog and forgot to share here. When you've figured yours out, please comment and tell me about your style.

3. a fascinating read on spatial synthesia

This is definitely the most interesting read. I think I have a very mild form of synthesia - with numbers and some random things. Connor might have a bit of this going on because he told me the other day how his one finger was sad, and I remember thinking I used to think the same as a child. It's the way the finger looks.

4. We always read parenting posts from mothers, but here's one from a new dad. Honest and a wonderful read!

5. Speaking of parenting, here's a post on parenting as an introvert. I was fascinated because my D is an introvert. Right below that post, there's one on parenting as an extrovert :)

And that's it, folks!

Which is your favourite link?
What do you have planned for the weekend?

I'm going to finish a podcast and then jump into bed with my book and a big mug of hot tea :)

PS if listening is more your thing, I spoke about my 5 favourite podcasts on the Organising Queen blog today. Enjoy!


  1. Love the introvert bit. Totally me!
    I am willingly stepping out of comfort zone and the ladies are bringing a friend away with us. We leave Sunday and my stomach is currently in knots!

  2. How fascinating is the Spacial Synesthesia? I do think I may have a tad of it too. And Mr C

  3. Interesting reads. You shouldn't feel that it's time to let go on your coaching. You've helped me a lot. I'm much more organized than I used to be, especially on working on my goals. I'm going to post soon about my new weekly and daily planning templates I designed after using yours for awhile. What I found is that they helped, but I wanted to tweak them a bit for my own purposes, so I worked with them and made some changes. Mine are not pretty, but very functional for me. But I never would have thought of playing with how I plan if it wasn't for you!!!


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