Monday, April 06, 2015

How easy it is to fall of the blogging bandwagon

Amazing how easy it is to continue to not blog daily once you start!

Once a habit is broken, it takes such mental reserves to get that habit back.

A boss of mine started running about 4 years into the time I worked for him. I thought it was a fad seeing as he was not a healthy-type person (!) so a few months later he made a comment and I said something like, "oh, you're still running?" and he said, "Marsh, the only thing keeping me going sometimes is knowing how incredibly hard it is to come back from a relapse".

I totally get that.

But I still don't see myself blogging daily anymore.

We've spoken some about the reasons for that.

But also there's this thing I never fully understood til now but it's something my friend Natalie said once or twice - I don't want to have to go onto Facebook or your blog to find out what's going on in your life. Just tell me.

Love that!

Still, let me catch you up quickly on the last few weeks :)

We went to see Michael Buble in concert. Man, it was awesome. AWESOME. He is so naughty and fun, and was a great entertainer.

He had a support act called Naturally 7 and they were AMAZING. I now follow them on Instagram :)

Something interesting about the concert - the last time we were at that venue was at the Rod Stewart on 6 Dec 2008, the day of my trigger shot to get the twins!

Too crazy to think about, imagining those days.

It was pouring with rain and I was so glad the concert was inside! When we were at Bruce Springsteen last year, it was also pouring with rain... on us. I'm too old, or comfortable, or boring but going to a concert in the rain is just not my idea of fun.

So, a great many of you are also not blogging as much as you used to (except Laura). What's going on? Was it easy to fall off your blogging bandwagon?

(Blogging is still not dead!)

I'm working on a habit at the moment and I can't believe it's been 15 days and counting.....

Let me hit 21 days and I'll tell you about it.

Meanwhile, I think I'm going to buy the audio version of Gretchen Rubin's book. I'm quite addicted to these 4 tendencies.

Have you taken the free quiz? What's your tendency?
(I'm looking at you, Se7en!)


  1. Habits are the hardest thing to get right. I'm using to try and get good things right again, it might work for you.

  2. You know I fell off, and I'm working hard to get back on. I miss it!!! I still don't have the time to blog, but I'm trying to carve it out, at least once a week. It's a far cry from almost-every day, but I'll take it.

    I miss your blog, though!!! I find myself bouncing over from time to time, thinking, maybe my blogroll just hasn't updated and Marcia has a new post. ;) To your point, I suppose I could just email you! ;)

  3. I'm still between a rock and a hard place about what I can actually write about...*sigh*

  4. I have just been so very busy and it;s been year since I have blogged daily - especially over weekends. But I am going to blog more ..

  5. I have REALLY fallen off the blogging bandwagon in a BIG way. I used to blog so much and now... I guess I just can't find the energy to do it properly anymore. I wonder if anyone would be reading anyway? I think for me it became too, I don't know contrived? I fell into the trap of trying to keep up with the monetised blogs and I guess I felt inadequate and it's also killed my writing mojo? I don't know. I keep thinking "Oh I should blog about that" but then I don't.

    Its weird.


  6. I am off the band wagon and have rolled right down the road - that's how far away I am from blogging! And I don't feel bad about it at all.. when I have the time or the inclination, then I do.

  7. Well.... I was merrily reading your blog and smiling at you!!! But since you were so direct... I looked for me too and couldn't find me... but while I am looking... I will wave hello from sunny Cape Town!!!

  8. I miss your regular blog posts a lot. I am actually having withdrawal symptoms and having been re-reading some of your older posts. lol

  9. HA! I actually get the shakes if I don't blog daily. I have let it go though - especially like over the long weekend - there was no time but the minute there was I was back at it!

    It is actually getting harder to blog what I want vs the competitions, campaigns etc at the moment which is why this week I am intentionally trying to get back to that.

    I am not working and it is taking up most of my kid-free time (ie mornings) which could affect my blogging - we will see.

  10. My tendency is Obliger

  11. I fell off the blogging bandwagon, and I'm trying very hard to get back on. I wish you were my neighbor so you could just tell me what was going on in your life, but we don't get that luxury, :-( Your blog is the best way for me to find out what's going on, and I would miss it if you were not around.

    BTW, I'm having a hard time getting to the Take Charge Solutions site you've linked to. It's saying it's not responding. I'll try again later. Would love to do the quiz.

  12. I fell off and just started again, very difficult to get into the swing of things. Just doing it when I remember or have something I want to document. A habit I need to start is going to the gym since I am feeling very unfit lately.

  13. Agreed! I have stumbled. I think backing away from the computer has pushed me off. On the upside I've been more present and have taken more pictures!! Now to get back on...

  14. I am off the bandwagon. I simply don't feel like it. I'm in an odd space - I have tried to blog about it. Actually, I do have a blog post written up about it. Maybe I should publish? I don't know. I will see.


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