Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm still alive

Just popping in to quickly say "hi" and that I'm still alive, just super busy.

Sarah from BioGirl wrote a sentence a week or two back that I loved. She said she has a rule that she needs to post photos about her life within a week of it happening.

Fabulous idea!

I need to start doing that.

Anyway, I'm busy editing 31 March photos so I can get March off my computer because it's running superrrrrrr slow.

Also, my big camera is in for a service (its first service!) and I'm missing it so much. On the bright side, time to catch up!

But how are you doing...really?

PS these photos are for Mrs FF who thinks I only wear blue nail polish :) (I'm not helping my cause...clearly!)


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Everytime I see nail polish colours similar to this I think of you ;) ;) but it suits you!

    Ps: I miss reading your blog regularly!!

  2. As Mrs FF I totally associate turquoise nailpolish with you - although I am also partial to that colour polish. We are fine - settling into normal school routine

  3. Love that colour. Looks great. We are good. Hows the kids settling back into school?

  4. I am doing great! I'm feeling the energy and moving forward on my goals this month big time! I'll be doing a post to update on that mid-month soon. I do love that nail polish!

  5. as you can see I am playing catch - up. I am not getting to blog reading daily so I am now doing it once a week. It is better for my well being.

    It has been a CRAZY few weeks. Getting back into working has been a shock to my system totally and I still need to get my groove!

  6. Glad you are still alive. Hope the busyness eases soon!

    I am... bone achingly tired! I am sleeping but I just can't shake the feeling of TIRED.



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