Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday musings of the frantically busy kind

Well, work should hopefully be easing off a little soon, just a little, but I do hope I'm not tempting Murphy...

Today I had my last 8:00 am meeting and enough of us on the committee moaned about it that it's now been switched to 11:00. YES! I don't know what possesses people to make meetings at 8 am!

So we had to go through the whole rigmarole of the school thing again, applying for Grade 1. I can tell you I'm so over forms... and I didn't even complete the forms :)

We have to hand them in tomorrow and we don't have certified copies of two of the requirements, ones the school provides, so I hope they'll still accept them despite that!

In other news, I've been spending a frightful amount of money at the hardware store, on paint! I nearly fainted when the man said R1300 a tub. Seriously? Yes, seriously. So I hope and pray I love the colour when it's up and on the wall.... otherwise I'm going to have to grow to love it because a painter plus all that paint and supplies = A LOT OF MONEY.

I know we've just come back from holidays but D and I are heading off again soon to celebrate our 20-year anniversary. Yes!

Years ago, when I imagined 20 years, I considered a vow renewal on the beach, then a party at my old work campus, then a big trip but then I left that job and now I hardly have any leave, but just watch out, NEXT year, we are going to have to do something super awesome.

I can't imagine how some people always seem to be taking leave? I'm always happy to take unpaid leave... 

Still, time away is always good and it will be a milestone for the kids too - first time they've slept out for 2 consecutive nights :o

Kendra had her first solo sleepover the other weekend and had a BALL! Spoiled by Granny. They both loved it.

Connor was devastated at first but then he told me about 4 things he wanted to do that were special for him (one of them was having a walk just with me - I know, my heart melted), and we had a lovely evening. I made him his favourite supper and we had lots of fun.

And that's me - basically caught up!

What's happening in your life?


  1. 20 years! Wow - fantastic! I am amazed that you have to apply again from the start? For us they just move them to grade 1 from grade R - you jut sign the pre filled in form for the school and show changes if there are

  2. We're planning a 20-year trip (in 2019)...Hawaii! I am hoping to do a vow renewal, too. Of course we'll take the girls. Cannot wait!!!

    I hope things calm down for you at work. And I'm hoping things are calming down for me, too. It was a CRAZY couple of months, but I'm finally beginning to see the end of the crazy (at least for a bit). Whew!

    Hope you have a great rest-of-the-week!!!

  3. Wow, 20 years!!! That's awesome. Huge congrats to you and D on this milestone anniversary. Where are you guys off to? Looking forward to seeing photos of both holidays. I am a big fan of your photography especially the holiday photos. We celebrate our 4th anniversary tomorrow and are going away for a week to Plett. Can't wait!

  4. Congratulations on 20 years! :)

  5. 20 years is amazing! WELL played you two :) And here I thought we were doing well getting to years relatively sane!

    Work is very busy but there are some things happening here which are good for me despite the disgusting traffic I face daily... my baby cousin gets married tomorrow and I'm running a half marathon on Monday.

    That's me - caught up and boring ;-)


  6. Happy anniversary!!! A big milestone. Wish you two many many more years of love and happiness and love! Have a good trip and take lots of pictures

    Ps: our 10th anniversary is in Dec, still need to decide what we'll do

  7. I love these pics! You truly have a gorgeous and photogenic family!!! Can't believe our babies are going to be in 1st grade! On that note, I'm off to pick up my cuties from after-care! It's a hair cut appointment evening for them.


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