Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Traffic, holidays and entertaining kids


So it feels like a Monday because of the public holiday yesterday and the full inbox yet again. Grrr.

But the traffic was even better than a Tuesday (the best traffic day - I have STATS to prove it) which totally makes it worth it.

I believe in indulging my little idiosyncrasies so whenever I drive myself to work, I write down my start time and my end time. And that's how I know Tuesdays are, in fact, the best traffic days.

Fridays are hands-down the worst days followed closely by Mondays.

Who else likes Jelly Babies?

I think I'm finally getting my head in gear with this holiday thing.

It's been hard for me to get used to forking out our hard-earned money for a less than stellar experience just because you have to holiday at a specific time of year due to school holidays.

Like with the Drakensberg holiday in Dec, it was perfectly acceptable because of what we paid (50%). If we'd paid full price, I would have been very annoyed.

But my head is slowly catching up and as someone (Cat?) said on an earlier holiday post, there are places that aren't "as bad". This is true - if we go to places marked as holiday resorts with kids' programmes, then chances are I will hate it because.... too many people and too much noise...

Sabie was lovely - yes, we had to "entertain" the kids ourselves but I've found they're actually perfectly capable of entertaining themselves. This time we only took ONE set of fancy (soft) crayons, two exercise books (R3 at PnP) and they actually used those books. We also took 3 board games - Ludo, Rummy and Bingo - and two DVDs and that was enough. We always take a few real books and a kids' Bible. Less is more!

Which is the best traffic day for you?
When are you next taking leave?

PS Terisha, I know I need to start blogging the Sabie pics. I am still not finished but I've done 4 of the 5 days :).
PPS This post is for Mrs FF who told me today she misses me blogging daily :)


  1. Working from home means no traffic :) It also means that I know no what this leave you mention is ;)

  2. I'm with Mrs FF, and the days this week - arrgh. Today felt like Monday, tomorrow feels like Thursday... just signing off on what day of the week of the week it is!!! And Jelly babies for the win, green and yellow are my faves... the kids get the rest!!!

  3. Yesterday I learned that riots kill traffic. I think my best traffic days are in summer when school is out! I easily save 10-15 minutes daily!!

    Are you opposed to yanking them out once school is back in session? I feel that missing some time after school has gone back is perfectly acceptable for us. It spares us the crowds and costs, and the ladies can easily catch up since it appears to take them a few days to get back to the grind. The count down to summer break is officially on, 6/19!

  4. Ummmm...I MISS YOU, TOO!!! Sometimes I pop over, just to check...just in case my blog roll didn't update! ;)

    We've always had to take "standard" vacation time, since Hubby is a teacher. We just don't generally go anywhere "too" vacation-y. I'd much prefer NYC over the beach, any day! :)

  5. My traffic is pretty unpredictable because for some reason JMPD randomly man fully functional traffic lights. Each light they do that to adds at least 15 minutes to my commute. I'm not a fan...

    I have a post brewing on our long weekend to Louis Trichardt too. I'll unleash it later today hopefully. :-)

  6. Best traffic day for me is Friday! But then I'm driving within Centurion plus parking is aplenty on that day at the station. Worst day is Monday!

    I can't handle the crowds so for now any getaway plan will be during off- season. Plus I can't justify paying more just because everyone is at the same place at the same time which actually means you don't enjoy in peace and quiet! I'll eat a jelly Baby every blue moon but I'm not a fan.

    Ps: thanks and see I'm not the only one missing Marcia

  7. I have a very short way to go so my traffic is not really an issue although Monday is always more than other days. And yes, kids CAN entertain themselves very well with very little. I actually think we teach them a very valuable lesson in all this. We had a glorious long weekend in Pilansberg - our best ever! Not sure when we are going away again but I have put n leave for the school holiday days around public holidays (15 September and 15 June) so two 4 day long weekends to come

  8. Oh and I adore jelly babies - and am quite partial to the black ones

  9. Nice to see you blogging more regularly again :)

    I LOVE Jelly babies but not as much as I love JELLY TOTS!

    Traffic for me is always a mare but I too find Tuesday's the best day, Fridays are the PITS!


  10. Traffic in PE doesn't even warrant a blogpost ;-) I love all jelly sweets.

  11. I also miss your daily blogging. Looking forward to all the photos. I am enjoying the last bit of our holiday at Plett. Not looking forward to work next week and the traffic.

  12. I neeeeed Jelly Babies NOW!


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