Friday, April 24, 2015

What a week!

Sheesh - this has been a hard week.

Also a very long week.
  • family stuff
  • applying for Grade 1 stuff
  • work stuff
  • friendship stuff

I worked very late tonight (til nearly 8). My first time at the office that late (on the bright side, it only took me 26 minutes to get home!) - I rather like the fact that today is the anniversary of the day I worked at the old job for the last time. I remember skipping out of there :)

Even though I'm working like a dog at the moment, I still love my job, so there's that. I do wish everything wouldn't happen all at once though.

I had big plans to do the actual journalling on my Project Life but I actually don't even want to think and put two thoughts together!!

So I'm off to bed with my book and tea, always tea :)

What's up with you? How's work going? What are you reading? 

PS I'm reading a book called How to bake a man or similar and I'm thinking of abandoning it because I don't even CARE about the protagonist and I'm already 25% in!


  1. An interesting anniversary to remember! And it looks like it is busy busy almost everywhere.

    Work is crazy busy but today at least it wasn't too bad. Trying to decide my next read!

    1. Easy because I'd booked leave for the last two days of my notice period so 25 April was my last day :)

  2. I'm pulling together supplies for ballet pictures tomorrow. One of these ladies is over joyed at the thought of make-up and it's making me shudder.

    1. Oh, yikes!!! That's one reason I can't think about the girls and dance. It makes me kinda feel guilty...I loved dance as a kiddo...but I just *can't* with the costumes and makeup. Just.can't.

      Hope you get some great shots, though! I can't wait to see your girlies in their get-ups!

    2. I shudder too! When K had to have concert make-up, I took pics because I said it's not happening again, Baby :)

  3. It's been a week here, too. I worked late last night (at home), and got up early this morning to finish, so I was feeling on top of things when I went into the office. It wasn't long until the landslide hit, though, and I'm back in the hole again. :/ I, too, am loving the job, but many days I just wish it wasn't so much...

    I am reading a really interesting book, The Myth of the Perfect Girl. It's really aimed at parents of tweens/teens, but it's incredibly engaging. I think a lot of the dynamics play to the female psyche, no matter the age.

    Hope you have a great weekend and rest up! :) :)

    1. EXACTLY! My colleague suggested I unplug my connection to the network while I caught up and that was awesome otherwise you start replying to email 1. By the time you get to email 10, 1's responded and you never get to the bottom of the inbox.

      I checked once yesterday and so far only 1 reply after 8 pm on Friday :)

  4. Did you apply to a different school for Gr.1? I've just applied at our school for my youngest for Gr. R - am I going to have to apply again for Gr. 1?

    1. Meea, no. Same school. The good thing is current Grade R kids go on the A list but you still have to go through the process.

      So yes, you'll have to apply again next year :(

  5. This whole applying for school thing is starting to really stress me out and I only have to worry about it in 2018! If it is this bad now can you imagine how bad it's going to be when I need to send my child? FREAKS ME OUT!

    Work has been manic, the long weekend was JAM PACKED and I feel like I need a long holiday to recover from the 3 days we've just had. The Thembi situation has got "interesting" and I am frustrated that she is making this my problem to solve.

    So that's about it for now.


  6. Oh gosh I had a hectic work week too! I remember your happiness! Still so glad you left there. We had a lovely weekend though.

    And I am reading The Rosie effect and Bring up the bodies (About Henry and Jane Seymore)


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