Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Work, holidays and the Easter weekend

I am so incredibly busy at work it's crazy. I also put up my hand for a project and.............. people had done nothing for about 8 months so I'm working my butt off to still meet deliverables by June.

Isn't that charming?

We should be 5... and we're 3 so every time emails come around with "can someone take this?" we all just ignore the email til I eventually cave. Flip. Anyway, things are looking up - another person starts in May :)

I keep chanting to myself, "what's the worse that can happen if I drop a few balls? They can fire me". And so what? So amazing to have perspective :)

In the midst of all this crazy, schools broke up and a very strange thing happened: I found myself taking out the bread and lunch boxes that evening before I realised it was SCHOOL HOLIDAYS.

Sadly, I don't have to make lunch anymore.

Even more sad, the kids seem to have left their ears at school.

(they received excellent reports, by the way)

At some point in the work crazy, I got a bee in my bonnet (I saw a blog post somewhere where they used the phrase "wild hair") that we needed to go on holiday. You know, easing stress by cramming work meant for 12 days into 8 days. Sane things like that.

Anyway, the woman's email came through one night when I was answering emails on the ipad, D was there, we had a quick chat and boom, boom, a holiday was booked.


I take months (years!) to decide on a paint colour and a holiday is decided upon in minutes.

Fortunately the boss approved this sudden leave and it was sorted.

We had a lovely 5 days away last week - pics to follow - I've just finished the set before we left.

I think we need to book the next one pronto so I can have something to look forward to.

Interesting/ scary aside - I overheard the kids talking and they seem to think "holiday" means "vacation". Connor was telling Kendra that maybe we will take them to England for the next holiday. HA! Never :)

They were so moany/ whiny about walking down ONE street in Pilgrim's Rest and I stopped all of us to say, "THIS means we will NEVER be able to go to a city because you need to WALK".


And now we're back! Two loads of laundry done; many more to go (waiting for Nanny S).

We waited til we got back to buy Easter eggs and there was literally nothing in the shops except a few boxes of marshmallow eggs. CNA had a few chocolate bunnies which I bought. D says this was a bad plan; I can't think of a better one for avoiding the chocolate for me, and keeping the excess with the kids at bay. (No offence to any of you who went wild; if I wasn't on Weigh-Less, I may have done the same)

And now, back to work. Let's Do This.

But first, how have you been doing? Did you/ are you going away on holidays?
How was the Easter weekend?


  1. Gosh, they are so amazingly cute! We had a great Easter holiday, although we did not take Spring Break off with the kids. We kept working. Now I'm looking at our summer schedule and camps at the YMCA, Phoebe's high school sports start two weeks before school and I can get her in the counselor in training program at the YMCA the first two weeks of August and then she'll be busy all summer! I'm thinking now we should take a full week off the last week of June for the 4th of July week, and then take some days off the last week of August before school starts Aug 31. Can you tell I have a blog post coming about summer scheduling of camps? I've never done much before, but I want them to be doing something and not just lazing about playing video games.

    I think we'll take a road trip for vacation, maybe Florida. Hmmmm.....

  2. Oh gosh they are cute! We need to do the Eastern Transvaal with the kids some time. Mine are now used to not equating the two - I wish we had a break but we are going away for one of the two upcoming weekends in April and I know that will feed my soul because its the bush and it always makes me happy. Gosh and yes, read my Easter weekend blogpost - it was a real mixed bag.

    As to the Easter eggs - I buy ahead but not too many. Mine just does not pig out on them so its fine - but through this week they are finishing what they had. They each got one bunny, one kinder egg (always a hit) , one bag of speckled eggs (the first to be eaten ), a few small loose eggs or chicks (I bought a packet at Pick n pay - a most of those were given to us or my mom and her friend) and a little box of those bantam eggs. I did buy them very cute egg cups with one choccie egg in at Woollies for our 3 minute breakfast eggs as our current egg cups are almost all broken out.

  3. Best of luck with the project. I just got feedback on our BBBEE project, it was all the drama worth it :) A years work accomplished in 4 months.

    LOL love those spur of the moment holiday plans. Also feeling very blessed that we can do that. It does come with a lot of hard work and sacrifices, but worth it in the end.

    Work has been crazy as always but I seem to be finding my feet a bit more these days.

    We are going to Zanzibar next week...cannot wait!!! Been planning it for a while and the moment is finally coming closer for us to leave.

    Our Easter weekend was a bit depressing but there will be others to celebrate :)

    We didnt buy Easter eggs this year, mostly because none of the kids were around and the parents who were here we only got normal (their favorites chocolate) which they appreciated more in any case, other than that it was very low key for us this year.

  4. Work has also been busy our side - kids have been sick and we've had some drama which was ended up with us having a live in maid now. Um. Easter was good but hectic.


  5. We went to Cape Town but other than that we have been home.

    Easter was pretty low key to be honest - there was no excess which was perfect.


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