Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lipstick, powder and paint

In this post earlier this year I spoke about my beauty routine.

Well, wouldn't you know it but they've done "something" to that Bold lipstick I normally wear because it's a touch too dark now.

Which is very, very annoying.

Because I look like a goth if I don't mix it with something else.

I don't like complex routines!

So I'm on a mission to find a new lipstick.

I bought this one from Rimmel, Heather Shimmer, for R90 (that's a lot of money for me!), but it's too pinky-coral.

I need a dusty-pink/ brown/ red...

I thought I'd pop into Edgars the other day when I was at the mall. Well. There is way too much out there and they're all too something. Too bright, too dark, too nude-y, too something.

So the search continues.

I have a feeling I'll find it when I'm not looking :)

But meanwhile, it's super annoying because I haven't felt myself with either the too dark or too pink lipstick.

I'm a lipstick girl so pray for the right colour to find me!

Meanwhile, what's your favourite brand and colour?


  1. That's weird! Favorite colours wine, red, plum! At the moment loving my maybelline and revlon. I usually use a different one on different days because the shades are slightly different!

    Hope you find the colour you like

    1. Never mind weird, it's annoying :(

  2. I actually have a few colours - depending on what I wear. I love a true red, but only when I wear red, then I like a pink brown for everyday and a dull red. And a wine or plumb for night. Although I have to admit that I am extremely lazy with lipstick and often have all my other make up on and not that. Maybe because you can quickly apply it anywhere? And then I seldom do?

    1. That's the exact reason I always wear lipstick, but often nothing else. Today I only wore lipstick. Fully intended to put on the rest at work but couldn't be bothered :o

  3. I use Yardley longwear lips in Blush...then I apply lipgloss over it for shine.

    1. Such a clever idea, and I have that lipstick too, but in N.ude

  4. I tend to go with very light, nude pinks - I prefer to do eyes when I bother with makeup, since my lips are not my best feature. I suffer from "dun lippies", much to my husband's amusement. Fraulein Rottenmeier over here. ;-P


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