Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day, love languages style!

This year I had a GREAT Mother's Day.

First of all, I forgot that it was Mother's Day (work is too busy but I think this is the new normal) and it took D asking me what I wanted the day to go to remind me.

I then forgot again til Saturday!

So I thought about it and my love languages are 1) words of affirmation and 2) acts of service.

29 April 2012

I told him I want cards with love notes and breakfast in bed while I read.

And I wanted to go out to eat, but not for Sunday lunch because I'm not crazy and I can't stand all the mothers out, cramped restaurants, bad service, too much noise and all that fuss.

No offence if you like that kind of thing - we are not the kind of people who like to do what everyone's doing.

On another note, when it was our 20-year anniversary, D teased me that morning and said with a straight face, "so should I do one of those soppy Facebook messages to you?!"

The place where I wanted to go was fully booked for Saturday night so D made a very early reservation for Sunday night.

The kids brought me the cards (tons of cards!) and they can write so it's all very special. Lots of "I love you sooooooo much" and hearts and pictures and ... my love tank was full!

And then I was told to stay right there and not move except to read (!!!), and they made me breakfast.

1 April 2015

We went to church as normal and home for lunch, and then the kids and D went to his mom for 3 hours (travel plus two hours there), I read mostly during this time but pottered just a little bit, then they were back and we went out.

It was just lovely.

A key was... I stayed off social media the whole day except for just a few minutes. That made all the difference, I think, that and getting my love in my love languages!

If you want to share, share about your Mother's Day. If you want to vent, go ahead and do that too :)

PS I am so hesitant to put this out there but I can't seem to fill a love languages workshop. I can't quite get my head around stopping before I've even begun so if you've considered attending, even for a fleeting second, and something stopped you, please comment anonymously (for your comfort) and let me know why. Or email me! It will help me tremendously.


  1. Yay, for having a day built around what works for you. We had breakfast out, I agree lunch venues can get crazy.

    I had a great one, much better than last year when J was away for work. My love languages are physical touch and quality time. K gave me some hugs, and I spent the day with my guys having good food and exploring :D

  2. Mothers Day was me and K alone...nuff said.

  3. Great idea about the evening dinner for Mother's Day! I also like it that you say what you want! Although I like a bit of a surprise. I would love to do a love language workshop. Did not know about the previous one!

  4. Sounds like a lovely day! Mine sort of disappeared in between the camp and taking my mom to hospital

  5. I had a great day too. It also spoke to my love languages.

  6. If gifts was my thing my mother's day would have clocked a new record. I got 3! Lol. One from Steve on behalf of Nicola. One from my mom on behalf on behalf of Nicola. One from Steve's ex wife on behalf of Erin and Scott. And two beautiful cards from the girls.

    We did breakfast with Steve's mom and lunch with mine...and then we went home so that I could study for my upcoming exams. I managed to work in a lovely nap between the two.

    It was different...that's for sure!

  7. I was very much interested when you always spoke of the love languages. I don't have kids so therefore the workshop didn't apply to me. If you ever have a workshop for couples though, I'll be interested.

  8. I had a great Mother's Day too! I'm a Words of Affirmation girl and I got plenty, not just from the boys, but the teenage girl did a great write up and it also had her favorite pics of me on Instagram. So sweet! I also did not want to go out to dinner on that day of all days, so Tom made me a fantastic dinner!

  9. Cliff did well this year! I got to sleep in on Saturday (cos I had to be up early for Church on Sunday) and I got a lovely Le Crueset tea set from him and the kids. I served at Kids church and then we just chilled out in the afternoon but unlike last year where I felt I was doing EVERYTHING and felt VERY unloved, this year it was evenly shared and I felt more appreciated. Maybe it's cos Gemma is older and things are a bit easier but it was a good Mother's day.



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