Sunday, May 10, 2015

Something cute I don't want to forget

I'm clearing off my phone at the moment because when I want to download books, it keeps telling me I have no space.

Anyway, I found a few gems from Dec....

These photos were from when we were on holiday in the Drakensberg.

A few days into our stay there, a new family moved in next door with two adorable boys. My kids were 5.5 at the time, their oldest was 5 and their youngest was 3 and a bit.

Adorable kids.

Kendra having tea with C2

Connor playing with C1

D walking 3 of the kids down to Movie Night :) (they were all back after less than an hour!)
One morning I vaguely heard some talking and then nothing for quite a while. This is not normal for my kids (the talking escalates) so eventually I tiptoed downstairs to check on them and found this:

Connor's empty bed...

Kendra's empty bed...

the sliding door standing open...
No kids anywhere.

I woke D and made him go find them. They were off playing somewhere with the kids from next door. Within sight of "the mom and dad". This is how Kendra referred to the parents...

I didn't freak (aren't you proud?) but when they all came back, I did tell them that while I appreciate them not waking us too early (we had that issue for the first few days), they still needed to come and whisper to either of us to tell us their plans and ask for permission.

Still, all that time they spent with the boys next door was extremely cute!

Would you have freaked out?

PS Apparently the boys knocked at the window to K's bedroom, and she said, "SHHH, you're going to wake my parents. I'll open for you!" (I hope this is not a sign of things to come!)

PPS Do you want to hear about Mother's Day?


  1. I definitely would have freaked out! Yes, tell us about Mother's Day. :-)

  2. I would have completely freaked out I think.. but having heard voices perhaps I wouldn't have :) Just the thought of no one in their beds though!!! Super cute :)

  3. Of course we want to hear about Mother's Day.
    I think had I not know about the children next door I would have been on the phone reporting a kidnapping before I made it out the door! Good on you for not freaking out, although that would be really unsettling to find so early in the morning. Yikes!

  4. I love the way Kendra speaks. It's so cute. Please do tell about mother's day.

  5. I love the way Kendra speaks. It's so cute. Please do tell about mother's day.

  6. I definitely would have freaked out! No kids in bed, sliding door open! Hello... This is South Africa! Ha ha ha ha very adorable that they didn't want to wake you up though! And hmmmm and I hope it is not a sign of things to come!!!

    Of course we want to hear about Mother's Day!

  7. We're very relaxed while on holiday, so I wouldn't be stressed out - especially in the confines of a resort.
    I am more curious for information about this beautiful place in the Drakensburg ... care to share some details ;-)

  8. How cute, but yes, I would have freaked out a bit. It's one of the very nice things about camping - they discover friends and then a lot of playing happens. SO we have taught them to always tell us where exactly they are going before leaving - mostly on their bikes.

  9. I would freak out too. But then I would be doing the same reminding, "it was nice of you not to want to wake us, but you need to ask permission first."

  10. I would totally have freaked out! Total helipcopter parent here!



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