Friday, May 29, 2015

Speaking of kiddies' restaurants, a friend date

We met up with a certain friend, L, and her man friend (the people at work told me it's the done thing - it's a THING? - to call boyfriends over 25 "man friends" and since I'm not at all fashionable, I'll take their word for it) at Bambanani on Sunday.

My word - it was busy and loud, and she said it was even louder outside. I only ventured outside right at the end to take ONE pic with my iphone.

I don't mind Bambanani because their food is all good but they changed the menu (really, why do restaurants do this?!) and the chicken curry I ordered was acceptable, but not drool-worthy like it was before.

However, the company was great.

It was soooo nice chatting with L and meeting the man friend :) and seeing how the Pink Terrorist has grown.

Since L and I were chatting about it, this post talks about when we first met each other there in Sept 2011. Go look at the cute babies!

This weekend we have quite a full weekend - a birthday party for a special little girl tomorrow and then tea the next day with another special little girl (we can't go to her party as it's also on Saturday so I suggested tea).

What are you up to this weekend?

PS Laura, today is a year since we had that breakfast at Mugg and Bean in Midrand :)


  1. The girls and I are hanging out in the morning, and then I'm getting a MASSAGE tomorrow afternoon!!! I just wish the weather looked sunnier...I think it's going to be pretty wet here. That definitely limits our opportunities for a park date. :/

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!!!

  2. HA! Hows that and Emma was still so tiny!

    We had no plans today, D is away and I have just dropped kids at granny and am getting some work done!

  3. I hope your date with Laura works today... (insert jealous face). I wanted to see photos of L and the man friend ;-P

  4. Haha @ manfriend! I had to ask someone in HR what I should call him on some paperwork. They recommended "partner". ;-)

    It was lovely to see you and your beautiful family again Marcia.

  5. Oh you met the man! Someone in the office the other day filled in "significant other"" on a form....
    I think Bamabnani is falling into the kiddies trap - my food last time was less than great.

  6. I must be the only person who doesn't like bambanani! Being there once and aside from not liking the location I don't get the fuss, but that said I'm not really a big fan of so called kid friendly restaurants


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