Saturday, May 23, 2015

The last bits of autumn

This has been a very mild autumn indeed.

I'm not complaining because I like that we haven't had to use heaters yet or switch to winter bedding.

(we're doing that this week though)

Being me though, the electric blanket has been on for a good month or two already :)

And of course, I've been drinking lots of tea.

The temperature at work differs by maybe a degree or two so I'm still dressing exactly the same :)

Anyway, we're load-shedding in 9 minutes time so I want to go fry some eggs for supper.

Tomorrow after church we have a friend date that I can't WAIT for! Seriously!

What are you looking forward to doing tomorrow?

her shoes are much cuter than mine :)

a gust of wind blew all the leaves off the tree

lovely, moody skies!
PS I bought two new lipsticks today!


  1. I can't wait either! If load shedding missed us for another hour you'll have some raisin bread tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed! ;-)

    1. And I had some of that lovely raisin bread for supper!

  2. Ah you're meeting Louisa...I am jealous. Load shedding was 12 to 2 today. Grrr it still makes me mad.

    1. Makes me mad too - tonight we rushed home to prepare (so I missed my afternoon walk with the kids) and... NO loadshedding!

  3. We also missed last night - but I am still thankful we do not have the 6-8:30 pm every night any more!
    It has been a very mild autumn but Saturday morning early at rugby saw very cold little boys running around with bare feet

    1. Their feet were still bare? I'm sure they were freezing. Brrr!

  4. Sunday we jetted off on an airplane! I miss the lovely weather!! It is melting temps here and I'll take load shedding over power cuts (there's been no power in most of the country for over a week!!!) Added to that fuel scarcity so even if you have a generator nothing to power it!


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