Monday, May 18, 2015

Updates of the party kind

You know how sometimes there's so much going on in your mind and you want to talk about it all but you don't know where to start?

Me too!

So for the moment let's talk about the party since it's safe and relatively boring :)

I think we’ve settled on a good compromise for the party.

Cat said in the comments on the last party post that her boys each have a guest list and no-one is allowed to mess with the other’s list. I thought that was brilliant because all twins are obviously different and so they will have mostly different friends.

I then announced this to my two who stared at me with big eyes and then both wanted to renegotiate their lists again. So we're 90% there.

D and I also get to have a joint list (for family) :)

Now I need to actually get my act together and somehow make an invite and send it out first week of June.

I thought some of you might want to see the menu from Harrie's Pancakes?

I know the party theme but this year I'm not sure if I want to buy a party printable pack because I'm not sure anything beyond the banner, goodie bag tags and cupcake toppers will be used. Oh, and the thank-you card and invite.

I found a lady on etsy and she has packs which I need to customise (because of the girl/ boy twin element)... total comes to $15, which is fine IF you use it, but I'm loathe to pay money for things I won't use.

The free stuff I could find online is more blah...

Anyway, we've decided on a date and now we need to just do it.

This birthday during the school holidays business is going to be interesting....let's see once we send the actual invites out. I have a venue in mind and if half the kids can't come, I can't see the point of paying when I have a perfectly functional house.

Skipping the party

I threw out the idea of skipping the party and just going on holiday and all 3 (D and the kids) said a resounding NO! I guess that's not going to fly around here.

It's also going to be our busiest time at work (year-end), I really need to write an industry exam and and and...

Which brings me to MY party, which will be less than a month after theirs.

Every year I say I won't do anything for my birthday and every year I change my mind!

Last year was a big one so I had the big lunch at my house AND a birthday on the beach (which I recommend every time).

This year I'm sadly not going to the beach and I'm definitely not having a big lunch, but maybe a little something with a few close friends?

I don't know?

Over to you.

Have you thought about this year's birthday? Do you want to share your plans?


  1. Mmm...this year there is a long weekend for my birthday again. I want to go away...just not on that weekend. It's too cold! I just want to stay in bed.

    Not even the faintest idea what I'll do with N's birthday this year, but she has a million and one ideas already.

    1. You do know if you go to our favourite place, it's always warm there? :) I could even be persuaded to join you :)

  2. Cat is very wise and I actually love the idea. One party but each child has her own set number of friends they can invite.

    Still a very long way to go but yes I've thought about it and bought a candle as inspiration :)

    1. It's not that far away.

      By the way, when I arrived home yesterday, they each had a NEW list of friends and with 1 parent each it took the list to 59 so I'm going to have to sort it out this weekend....the party venue only allows 40 total.

  3. How could they turn down a trip?! I think they're mad!!
    So the ladies I have reservations for a water park the day after their birthday. I'm leaving the activities up to them but thus far they've been very mundane in the idea stage. They'd like ice cream and to visit the bounce house, and there has been multiple requests to go "down to the water." I'm assuming any river will suit them so long as they can wade around.
    You were so pleased last year, you should definitely do a small tea or luncheon. Something good for your soul. :)

    1. I do too! I think it's the trip INSTEAD of a party that got their knickers in a knot.

      True! Except not many friends want to come out my way so then I think what's the point? But you're right - I will still have fun!

  4. I have a trip for the boys birthday in mind but it seems they are not keen (Hubby is VERY keen). They have a 4 day long weekend over their birthday this year so it would be brilliant. Maybe in future when they are older we can invite a friend along camping?

    I have not done anything for my birthday in years - its a very crazy and stupid time of the year and everyone is always busy. This year I am thinking tea party with cakes....

    1. Their birthday is at the perfect time :) like Louisa's.

      You should totally do something - I would prioritise you :)

  5. I just go along and enjoy the birthdays planned by the children...thinking about all that planning makes me tired.

  6. Jacks party is in 3 weeks. I have't done a thing which is so unlike me but this work thing threw me for a loop.

    I at least do have a venue and a theme!

    1. I know! I booked the venue too and have had the theme for over a year... but I haven't paid for anything yet.


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