Tuesday, June 09, 2015

A few of the things I love about winter

Most people think I'm crazy but I love winter.

I said to D the other day that we should write down some of the things we like about each season (I love looking for the different things in each season too) so we don't forget.

So I went through some of my favourite pics, found some that were taken (made!) during winter last year, and here they are:

the most amazing sunsets ever

just look at those colours

this tree in my garden. I ADORE naked branches against the sky (against a grey sky is even better)

the lavender in front of a neighbour's house, and of course, those two kids in blue who come for walks with me

this one was taken in the Drakensberg but our Jhb skies are just as blue. At the beginning of our winters, the grass is still green but by mid-winter it's dry and brown :(

the soft glow of gorgeous winter light (the kids' bedroom has the best light during winter - I'm going to take lots of pics in there)

more blue skies. The bluer the sky, the colder it is!
I'll challenge us to all go on a scavenger hunt for things we love about winter (the challenge may be to find some everyday winter beauty, like it is for me in summer!) and then write a post, share your pics and tell me so I can come see.

What are some of the things you love about winter?


  1. The gorgeous clear blue skies! The last of the autumn leaves against it is just gorgeous! Going for a run/walk - starting cold and working up a sweat (I know), getting into my electric blanket heated bed at night, my woolies fruit infusion

  2. Haha, I love that it only lasts for three months! ;-)

  3. Gosh, you are really challenging me here! You know I hate winter. But I will give it a shot and try my best. Apart from just the cold what I hate most about winter is the dead and yellow grass and the dust that goes with no rain.

  4. The hot, hearty foods, the fabulous coats and boots, snuggling up under layers of duvet and blankets with a steaming mug of hot chocolate to watch a movie... The deep colours we all tend to favour, as opposed to pastels - I'm not a fan of pastels... The way your breath steams when you walk outside early in the morning, how much more you appreciate a hot bubble bath after a long day...

  5. I do love Winter, but am more a spring / summer person. I love that you can go to bed with a hot water bottle and I love the warm meals such as lamb casserole and soup and pancakes. It doesn't get all brown here and I do miss that. I don't like the wind and the rain very much and unfortunately our winters last pretty long.

  6. I don't like chilly weather...but I do love all the soups, stews and curries that work so well in winter time. Your photos are very good my friend.


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