Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Celebrating 20 years!

I know Terisha asked a few weeks ago, and I forgot to say... but I posted the Sabie pics on the kids' blog here.

Then D and I managed to go away for two nights to the Magaliesburg, a place I'd never been, maybe because it's so close?

Two friends and I spoke about going away to the area for a weekend about two years ago, there was a lot of back and forth and it never happened, so I was pleased to finally get to go.

This was day 1 :)
at MIL's house. I took pics of red leaves for about 10 minutes!

the cutest 5-year-old girl in the whole, entire world :)


Have you been to the Magaliesburg area?
Where did you stay?


  1. Happy 20 years of us-ness :D

  2. Well huge congratulations to you guys... how wonderful is twenty years!!!

  3. SO that's where you guys went! We have been twice - once when A was a baby to Petersfield farm with the dogs too - it was lovely, and once pre kids H won a prize at work and we stayed at Mount Grace. It was simply stunning

  4. I love the photos.Thanks for posting them. We often stay in the Hartebeespoort/ Magliesberg area. Its close for a quick weekend away.We have had good and bad experiences accomodation- wise though.

  5. Congratulations on 20 years ♥

    Love your pretty photos.

  6. Congratulations!! Such stunning pictures!!


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