Sunday, June 07, 2015

On Instagram

Oy! This post was number 2200!

A few things about instagram:

I never thought I'd say this but I love Instagram a little less than I used to...

at the kids' school, after collecting reports! I have the same pic in October with jacarandas everywhere. I must remember to take the same pic when we collect reports in a few weeks.

Maybe I'm too busy!

Maybe this was always the case and I just felt like I could give it more time before?

My thing for awhile now is to post something and, if I have some time, scroll around a little bit, comment a little bit, answer a few questions, go visit people who comment and then I get off.

It started feeling like Twitter for me (and many of you know, I loathe Twitter), where there are too many snippets of conversation going on.

the iphone doesn't do this unless you're really quick. So I like this one!

With Instagram, it feels sometimes like there's so much pretty that I can't totally absorb and appreciate it all.

When I just scroll and mindlessly click LIKE (as my kids say, press the heart!), it feels a bit like I'm in an internet coma (a brilliant phrase coined by Rebecca).

I go into work a bit later on Tuesdays and I usually do indulge a bit more then.

a street I travel daily... it's all autumn-y goodness right now and I'd jump out the car and take a million pics with the big camera but... the commute freaks me out already

There are also a few sites that have such horrible commenters: some of the fashion instagrammers will get people moaning to them about getting affiliate income from their links. Um, hello, so what?

I will proudly say that I buy about 80% of my books on recommendations from Modern Mrs Darcy. And I don't mind one little bit - I wouldn't know about them if I hadn't read a little bit there.

However, if for some selfish reason I didn't want her to have a few CENTS, it's very simple to go to amazon's main site without the affiliate link and buy the book, right? But why? That would be so petty!

Crunchy McCrunch

And lovely sites like the one with the cute babies sleeping with their dog (I don't want to link but you all know her) get very aggressive comments (mind you, the same happened to Kelle H) about her "pimping" her kids. For the love!

There's another site too - Hum.ans of NY - where people write such ugly things about the subjects of his photos.

don't know where... but I know it's lovely :)

Anyway, I clearly need to clean up my IG feed. The lovely Julia told me once that the secret to enjoying Twitter all the time is to keep deleting people who annoy you :)

Still, most of IG is very lovely.

Over to you.

Are you on Instagram?
Are you happy about how much time you spend on it daily?
Is it still a bright, shiny haven of social media goodness for you?

PS these are 5 of my favourite Instagrams from March


  1. I love Instagram but am there way way less than before - just an issue of time. If I go onto it I enjoy it - and I do not feel I need to be there. Twitter to me remains a madhouse - I hate it and just use it for publishing posts and competitions and such

  2. I'm a firm believer of if you have nothing good or constructive to say then say nothing. I find it weird that people hide behind the veil of the Internet to be nasty.
    I'm not sure why some would think it is ok.
    My usage of SM is sporadic. Because I've been on holiday I've been a bit more active than usual.

    1. 2200- wow that's a lot of posts . Congratulations

  3. I'm sadly not on anything much anymore. I pick it up, do a 'run through' in the morning and then I don't mess with it much. Now that FB has this memories feature, I'm realizing I don't keep track of nearly as much as I used to. :( My PL is getting thinner each month! Gasp!


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