Monday, June 22, 2015

People I need in my life

I really thought we'd have loadshedding tonight because we haven't had the evening session since this night.

So I'm slightly at a loss on what to do because I'm caught up with SUPER essentials at home and I didn't bring the work laptop home... on purpose.

Blogging will give me a chance to gather my thoughts and remember the other things on the list :)

So my house seems to be falling apart and I need a person to sort out damp, a pool person and a plumber. I have a damp problem in the kids' bedroom (does anyone know what one does in this situation?), a green pool, and a few leaking taps.

I asked for a quote from a local pool place to maintain this green pool monthly and they said R600 pm. Guys, I just can't. Our pool is so small it's laughable. R600 is daylight robbery.

I also need a paint colour chooser still haven't decided on the right grey paint for the outside of the house. Some of you kindly commented on my instagram feed and the popular grey was also my choice until I looked at it in fading light. Then it looked too purple. Back to the drawing board.

I mentioned to D that we might as well just repaint white again and that was a problem..... except I really have no mental space to decide on a shade of grey. Do they have people at Mega Mica who come to your house to advise on colours, because I could use one of those!

And let's not mention I need another very very light (proper) grey for all the inside common areas.

My carpets are driving me nuts and need replacing sooner than I thought. I need someone to quote on carpets vs wooden floor sander/ repairers. MeeA, do you know wooden floor people in the area?

And last but not least, I need someone to run to the shops to buy me some curtains. OY! I have them all picked out but I'm being mingy about paying R250 for delivery :)

And my life would really be swell if I had a competent assistant at work. My colleague and I dream of hiring a super-switched on intern and paying her ourselves from our salaries just to ease the crazy :)

Which people do you need in your life?

PS This pic is for Louisa and for Se7en :) Dreaming of summer! Blue nails for Mrs FF.


  1. Yes! "Marcia's colour"! Love it! Though I have to say I liked the red you had for your Spanish dance exam too

    The pool maintenance does cost that much. What Y did in the past was to get the guys to come fix it to get it to blue and now he is all about maintaining it himself (not an easy task I have to say, it requires some science to know what you need to put in and at what time- eg you can only do most treatments early or late in the day and not when the sun is high)

    That grey wall was beautiful, interesting that it looks different In fading light!

    Can you not order the curtains online? I would assume there should be free shipping depending on the size of the order

  2. Someone to clean! I'm terrible at it. We hired these wonderful folks to do it but then it was too expensive and a hassle when it came time to leave for them to clean. Ahhh.

    Good luck with all the decisions! And the dampness.

    1. The trick is to go visit good friends or family 😜

      It's worth it with all the kids around!

      Damp is in their wardrobe of all places!

  3. Can. Not. Wait. For spring! Thanks. :-)

    I'm suffering from a severe case of the fuckitalls. I sat through another pointless and frustrating meeting yesterday, and all I kept thinking was that I had a note pad with me and it would take me less than a minute to write out my resignation.


    1. Your comments always make me laugh!

      Watch out - you're near the end. I got like that too...fantasizing about writing that letter ...til I did in about 5 minutes ;) even quicker to hand over!

  4. I need a wife - but the au pair has helped a lot. Someone to do grocery shopping, organize my mom, find boot shoelaces or H, make sure there is a cooked meal ready every night, do menu planning, pay bills etc....How does that sound!

  5. I don't know anyone off the top of my head but my landlady did have some repairs done to the parquet floors here a while back - will ask her...
    I may know of someone who can help you with the damp, too. Drop me a mail and I'll send you their details?

  6. If you go to "the pool place" on bayers naude with a pool sample they will give you chemicals to turn your pool blue again! We normally have to do it at least once a season. Costs about R400- 500 can't remember exactly. Moya is brilliant, the lady there she knows pools.

  7. Oh yes, it is pouring and I could so do with some summer. Just saying a bonus that I never expected from having eight kids... one to do the laundry, one to maintain the pool, one to sweep the house daily, one to chop the hedge.... (I have no idea what we will do when they start to leave home) If I could train just one to wash dishes. every. single. dish. My dream person is someone to go to home affairs for me... kids grow up and need id books and I can see myself spending two days at least every couple of months for the next .... forever, in home affairs. Just the thought.

  8. I think a plane ticket for me would be cheaper! I can do all of that!! :)
    Tomorrow I'm going to walk into the hardware store and just pick a color, I'm tired of fretting over it. Can you just take a day and schedule all your appointments and running? It wouldn't be a day off, but at least it would all be done.

    Lastly, what is damp?

  9. OMG! As usual, we're in the same places, just with opposite hemisphere weather! I need so much done around this house, we just don't have a pool right now. We did get a landscape designer into our life and he has a plan for a patio we want to do this fall to put in our hot tub that is on order. The plan does have a later phase for a pool. My carpets are a mess. I want hardwood floors in the worst way, but I think I'll just try to clean the current carpets for now. I keep saying I'm going to, but I don't get around to it. I don't even have load shedding to blame. I have no idea how I would put up with load shedding if that was happening here. I have so much to do, but I needed to stop and eat something. I realized it's been so long since I've read any blogs and of course I come to yours first. Miss you!!!


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