Monday, June 01, 2015

So that was May!

This has been a very odd month.

Last year May was my first month of freedom. I can't explain how happy I was. I was home, it was a nice, cold winter, I went for walks with the kids, fetched them from school daily, cooked and baked, put together a really good course and one for the church.

And this May was different. I was not unhappy generally but there are a few situations I'm not happy about.

We've spent a fortune on this house in May on normal house maintenance. To be fair, the house looks good (the parts that have been fixed) but I feel oddly resentful at the thousands disappearing out of our bank account.

Strange, when the thousands disappear for holidays, I just feel joy :)

We're not finished yet and while we're still busy paying for things, I have to hold this budget thing lightly because otherwise I get tense.

On the bright side, we have the money to do what we need and that's always reassuring because there were many early years when we didn't.

The kids are going to be 6 next month. Did you hear that - 6?!

I've been feeling very nostalgic about the babies. They (C) are losing teeth, getting tall and thin (K) and are super clever. I'm 100% convinced they're much cleverer than D and I (and we were very clever at school). The things they say, the things they remember, the way they reason, the kindness and compassion I see glimpses of make me both very proud and scared. Mostly grateful.

C: Mummy, I love you the most in the world. NO, I love you second. I love God first. (I mean really, that's all I want)

K: Daddy, what is the most fun thing you like to do? (he took too long to answer) Is it playing with your super adorable children? (D said to me, "I wonder where she gets that") (at least they have good self-esteem - again, that's what we want)

Anyway, 6! How on earth has this happened? They were gorgeous chubby kids just yesterday, right?

Pilgrim's Rest

I had 6 socials/ friend plans on the May list. Two happened as planned, most fell off and others happened spontaneously and I ended up with 7!

Of course, this also happened and no, nothing is resolved nor do I think it will be.

tell me this is not the most charming pic ever :)

I just did my first new business deal which has been a TON of work but it's so satisfying to implement!

Other than that, work is still way too busy for my liking but I haven't had as much fun with work people in over two years so that part is AWESOME.

Yes and amen!
This month I have more goals than I've had this whole year. Aside from the stuff on the Organising Queen blog, I just feel like being a bit more private with my other goals. Like I need to put a watch over my lips (Psalm 141:3).

I will say that I want to walk more, sleep more, read more, pray more, cook/ bake more and engage more with these 3 loves in my house.

And I want to be on my phone MUCH, much less.

That will be quite enough.

On a scale of 1 - 10, how was May? Mine was an 8 if I just look at my goals page, but really, it feels like a 6.
What is your intention for June?


  1. Boy, May was hard this year. My moms knee replacement mostly, H away for a week and preparing for A's exams. Somehow yesterday after her first exam I feel a whole lot better. June needs to be calmer - I want to spend time in and on our home and with my family

    1. That is hard - even one of those is enough to kick butt! Here's to a great June! (school term ends soon :))

  2. How on earth did we get to June so quickly? Love your photos...and I can't believe your "babies" are turning six.

    1. I know. My work colleague said "May passed and walked all over me" :)

      Thanks - glad you enjoyed the photos!

  3. I feel like May just disappeared. I have tons to do this month. Inspired be you goals post, I also have listed some goals for this month. Restoring order to my house this month and getting my photos organized are some of my priorities this month. Love your photos. Kendra's comments were too precious!!!

  4. The girls finishing kindergarten was really hard for me. Yes, I'll miss their teachers...but it was much more. Just the realization of how quickly time passed from when they started school. Yikes. We're thankful for summer (and ready to re-set with lots of family time!), but it was still hard to wrap my head around.

  5. May was ok! Too busy but it did look like it sped past even before I could catch a breath! Highlight for me was going home after 4 years!


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