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What I read in May

What I read in April


Last month this was a fairly popular post (as far as current blogging goes) so I'm going to do the same again.

Remember Goodreads displays the latest book read first so my first book for May is on the right.

Let's get to it:

Falling together
I LOVED the first one of hers that I read but I didn't love this one as much. I think it's because the first one was about people who were slightly older with young kids and this one is about a younger crowd (who seemed immature to me). However, the writing is still beautiful - there's a beautiful sentence in the book... "The words hopped out one by one, flip flip flip, like goldfish out of a bowl".

Isn't that beautiful?

Seriously... I'm kidding
I bought a TON of audible books on a recent sale (!) and this was one of them. I wouldn't have enjoyed the physical book but I loved the audio book because it was like listening to Ellen doing stand-up :)

The whole book was about 3.5 hours and I listened to most of it driving to and from the Jozi meetup... because of the awful Fourways traffic. Yes!

Leave it to Claire
This is a Christian book but it was not at all sweet and soppy like they sometimes are. Just a real woman with real problems, hurts, unforgiveness, divorce, etc. and I loved it. I bought two at a bookshop sale at the church. This was the first and I'm planning to dig into all this author's books after I finish the second one.

Everything must go
I bought this one and another at a bookshop too (AGES ago). The other one was about a lady in a mental hospital (not my cup of tea at all... and yet I keep using this picture in my posts!)

Anyway, I thought this one would be as interesting as it appeared on the cover but alas, it was not to be.

The reviews are mixed on Goodreads - some think it's brilliant in its nuances and whatnot. I am not a person who enjoyed English Lit because of exactly that. I like a plain and simple story that makes you think a bit.

This novel is very, very boring. I kept waiting for the story to get interesting and it didn't. I think I pushed through because I started reading about 18 months ago and I needed to get it done or donate it.

If you're the English Lit type who likes lots of different meanings of poems, etc. give it a bash. If you want my copy and you're local, happy to pass it along. Let me know.

Better than before

OH MY WORD! I loved this book. I listened to all 9 hours over about 5 days.

There are two kinds of people in the world - those who like to classify people and those who don't.

I'm in the first bunch so I obviously loved this book about the 4 tendencies, the strategies to create good habits and the many (I had no idea how many I succumb to) loopholes we use to avoid creating change in our lives.

I really loved this book and I think everyone who wants to create a good habit or two should read( or listen to) it.

What did you read in May?
Anybody else listening to Audible books?

PS here's a post I wrote on audio books

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  1. You know I am not a non fiction reader but listening to Ellen must be fantastic! I loved one of Marisas' other books but have not read any others. I am also planning on doing my May books today. I have to look into Leave it to Claire .


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