Monday, July 06, 2015

5 things I learned in June

So I did my goals this morning and posted about that on the other blog.

This is a more frivolous version - what I learnt in June!

1. I really like bright nail polish. I can't seem to walk past a display without just looking... and when I leave without having bought a bottle, I feel truly victorious! Like YAY!

On that note, I'm so glad I'm mostly over the handbags and watches obsession I had for years and years, because that was way too expensive.

Also, 2 - 3 coats of Rimmel Lycra plus 1 coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat = nail perfection. It technically should last 10 days but I don't have staying power so after 5 days, I want a new colour.

2. I discovered these new bra tops at Mr P for R50 each and they are amazing. They're comfortable, padded and make you look great in your clothes.

I bought one each in black, nude and grey.

I actually went looking for a normal black bra for my Spanish exam and when I tidied the drawer, I discovered I had the right black bra.

3. I paused my Audible membership a few months ago because I was spending too much "unconscious" money. This month is the first month I've missed it and I think my membership kicks in again on the 14th.

I'm definitely going to get The life-changing magic of tidying up. It's ALL over the blogs I read and in the interest of researching my subject, I'll be listening with keen interest :)

Most say it is, in fact, life-changing, but others are very anti her methods. Apparently, because the book is translated from Japanese, a lot of it is very cultural which, to me, will be interesting but some just find it strange and don't seem to want to see another point of view.

Oh, the internet can be a harsh place.

4. We've spoken on and on and on about RSVPs and children's parties on this blog and... I really feel quite "off" about this party.

More than half of the invitees just didn't even bother to say "no thanks". SMS/ Whatsapp is so easy these days - you don't even have to pick up the phone - I just can't understand why people don't RSVP.

What I learnt is I'll have to break it to my kids very early next year that I'm not going through all this drama again. I don't know what we'll do but this is not for me.

I just hope and pray that everyone pitches.

5. Something weird happens the closer it gets to you taking leave. Suddenly everyone wants to meet with you urgently... with just a few days' notice.

I can't express how crazy this last week was - it was beyond ridiculous.

I told our "assistant" that come 5pm on Wed, I was out of there and not looking at emails the entire holiday.

And I've stuck to that.

I disabled my calendar and email from my phone and ipad, and I will check the calendar on Sunday night just to make sure there are no surprises, and then everything will have to wait for Monday morning.

What have you learnt recently?


  1. The not RSVP'ing thing is horrid. I arranged a weekend of things with friends two months ago - for a friend who is leaving SA - I had to resort to phoning them all last week, because e-mail, it seems is too hard. Grr.

    What if you do a holiday trip around when you would do the party, and they get to plan it?

  2. I've decided that if people who haven't RSVP'ed show up, I'm simply telling them I'm sorry, but we didn't receive their RSVP and so haven't catered for them. Showing up after not RSVPing is the same as showing up uninvited.

  3. The RSVP thing is horrid - but until now we have not had an issue with it. Wonder if its an Afrikaans thing to RSVP properly?

    I just had the most wonderful compliment on my alternating light and dark purple nails this morning. Now I think I need to persist with pretty nails

  4. That book is on my list, I'm waiting for it to come available at the library. I've decided (I guess learned?) that I can no longer stand purchasing physical books.
    What is exactly is a bra top? The stretchy built-in style bra shirts? You can tolerate them!? I went out yesterday and it's nearly impossible to find decent quality plain COTTON bras! I don't need them to dance and be bedazzled!

  5. I am also on holiday, which explains why I am commenting on your blog after such a long time. This is the first holiday that I actually added my work email on my phone and I have just finished doing some work.


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