Saturday, July 18, 2015

A misty morning in Jhb

You all know how much I love winter?

Well, I ADORE misty weather too because it feels colder :)

We had a beautiful misty day about two weeks ago and I grabbed my camera on impulse when we dashed out the door - SO glad I did because I got these gems!

Houghton Drive

I adore this tree feller. He sits next to his chainsaw on the corner next to his sign and I find this hilarious. What if he's an axe-murderer?! D says I'm being dramatic! That's him over there taking a walk.

Do you like misty mornings?


  1. The ONLY misty mornings I love are the kind in Summer which means it's going to be a stinker of a day!! #rollonsummer

  2. Beautiful photos! I actually love misty mornings because they are so rare in our part of the world

  3. I'm indifferent to them guess I don't see them often enough!

    Ha ha ha at axe murderer


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