Friday, July 24, 2015

A winter/ autumn photowalk in the nick of time

Did you know that God's interested in the small things that delight us?

Someone (I think it may have been on this blog actually) got cross with me once for saying God helps me find parking places. It's true!

Anyway, this is the point. I love it when I feel a leading, obey and there's a reason!

I've wanted pictures of the most gorgeous autumn leaves around the gym for weeks and this particular weekend I told the kids so they would encourage nag us to go back and take pics.

The very next weekend when we went to gym the trees were completely bare.

AH! So glad we made it happen.

Enjoy autumn/winter (technically it was winter) through my lens :)

oooh yes! red, chipped paint!
completely unposed. they both looked back at exactly the same time and more importantly, I was ready!
hey Chuck!
I love photos with prices on it... I'll get a kick in a few years to see how cheap the price of petrol was :)

I said to Kendra the other day, "Baby! There's only a month of winter left so we have to enjoy it!"

It's true - only a month left of my electric blanket, really enjoying mugs of tea, curries, flannel pyjamas, etc.

Let's enjoy it!

What ARE you enjoying about winter?


  1. I'm not enjoy how chilly my summer has been. I would like a little heat before fall!

  2. Not much to be honest. I am pretty much over it. I need the warmth now!

  3. Love the leaves one!
    I am enjoying snuggles. Even so, I can't wait for Spring. Can. Not. Wait.

  4. Right now, I'm looking forward the oxtail stew my mom is cooking for our dinner. And to the apfel strudel I baked this morning for dessert. And soup. We had the best vegetable & lamb soup this week. Comfort foods are big on my list of things to enjoy in winter...

  5. That it's almost over? Sorry - you know how I feel about winter.

  6. I'm sad it's almost over! I love the cooler days!!!

    Stunning pictures


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