Friday, July 31, 2015

Just to warm us all up a bit...beach photos

Today the kids and I went to the gym to swipe my card, run around a bit/ take photos and have a cup of tea.

When we got there, it was so cold I didn't even want to take off a glove to get out my camera so I decided that it was actually too cold to be outside.

Because it's usually never too cold for me to have a walk with my camera.

So we came home to the comfort of a heated room where the kids did puzzles and I worked on my website, all while Third Day's Christmas CD played through itunes. #ChristmasinJuly?


What are you up to this weekend?

I'm having a birthday breakfast/ brunch with a friend tomorrow, and then on Sunday we're going to have a birthday lunch with my little family. Can't wait!


  1. Such beautiful pictures! I love K's cap. Weekend is the usual - walking, swimming lessons, catching up with a friend, church, cooking and I want to finally make an apple pie or crumble this weekend

    Do have a lovely weekend ahead xxx

  2. We had our school athletics yesterday (yes, in that cold!!) so today my kids and I are feeling under the weather. We stayed in our pjs doing nothing much :-(

  3. Your pretty photos make me long for summer. I am sitting under a blanket reading blogs while K is decluttering his garage. We are having a quiet weekend.

  4. People here have been posting pictures of the snow we had back in February / March, as it's been SO HOT! Right around 100 degrees!!! I'm from Alabama...I love the heat...but this is HOT even for me! :) :)

    Happy Weekend!!! <3

    1. I remember that 100-degree weather :O It didn't feel so bad in NYC but NC was stifling!


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