Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kendra at 6

And now, some things about my baby girl, Kendra.

  1. I often refer to Connor as "Boy" and Kendra as "Baby", and I mix them up, so Kendra always corrects me if I say, "thank you, Boy" with "Baby, Mummy" :) Aside - do all parents of boys call their boys "Boy"? I see my hairdresser does with her son and the spanish teacher does with her son too.
  2. Kendra could go vegetarian. She ADORES tomatoes (like me) and carrots, and if I'm taking too long with supper, she'll help herself to a bowl of carrots to snack on.
  3. The other thing she likes is cheese. This has been a constant love in her life. She would have cheese on a sandwich every single day if I let her.
  4. Kendra gives the best hugs in the whole world - literally. She is absolutely the best hugger. All the teachers have always said they miss her hugs when she goes on holiday.
  5. She also loves writing us love notes. I often find little notes on my pillow (under the continental pillow) when I go to sleep at night. D gets similar treatment and she recently discovered that she can also write nice notes for Connor.
  6. She is a complete and utter Girl. Unlike me. She loves dresses and skirts and twirly things and frills!
  7. She loves doing hair. This is the best. I now say to her, "K, do you want to play with my hair?" and she does her thing for a good 30 minutes which is just so relaxing. One day when we were at the beach (BTW, she says she's moving to Ballito when she's an adult), the boys were doing something and K played with my hair while I read. Divine!
  8. I love K's nurturing spirit. I sometimes find her saying to Connor, "okay, Boy, okay" as she pats his shoulder if he's upset about something. 
  9. Or she'll say things like, "awwww, Connor, you're so sweet" if he's being particularly sweet like when I come home and he runs up to give me a hug and tell me he missed me that day.
  10. Kendra loves lip balms. LOVES them. I think she may have inherited this little "problem" from me because she is barely 6 and she has 5 of them.
  11. She also loves nail polish - the darker and more goth-like, the better! 
  12. She tells me she HATES doing puzzles. (I also hate doing puzzles so I get it) I tell her it's good for your brain :)
  13. Kendra loves drawing her own pictures as she says, not colouring in other people's pictures (not colouring books). I said to her at one point, "do you want me to give all these colouring books away?" and she said, "you can do that, or put them away for a few years!"
  14. She and Connor have figured out a way to do birthday cards, thank-you notes and such. Kendra addresses envelopes and draws a picture; Connor writes the greeting and cuts out anything that needs cutting/ stamps, etc.
  15. Kendra is very dreamy and I hear all of us saying to her, "Kendra - focus!" but that imagination and creativity is lovely to listen to when she tells us stories :)
 And that's my Kendra.

Despite us being very different personality-wise, she likes to do, wear and eat everything just like me (see pics of us dressed the same above) which is so sweet. I tell her DAILY that she's the best little girl in the whole entire world (Connor's phrase) and she loves all these sweet nothings :)

Did anything surprise you?


  1. I love the way they work together on the cards. So cute!

  2. Love how different they are :) she's so sweet!

  3. Sweet sweet child! BTW A was also into all things girly and frilly and when she hit 10 somehow this changed.

  4. She's so gorgeous! And so girly... These pictures are stunning.

    Your little vegetable loving K. I recall her getting tomatoes in her treat bag at Liam's birthday!!!

    My friend also calls her almost 13 year old son BOY


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