Sunday, July 12, 2015

Making lemonade out of lemons

don't you love the reflection of me in my nail?

So we're back from our holidays and somehow, I survived the party. The longest party ever, but that's a story for another post.

Tomorrow we go back to work which is always slightly depressing after being on a very loose schedule and only kind-of having to think about what to eat, cook and so on.

Decision fatigue is a real thing, people. So much so that this afternoon I tidied up my bedroom, repacked my travel toiletries, packed away beach bags and so on, and.... wait for this... actually made a decision about the paint.

It's such a small thing (except for the money) but I literally couldn't make one more decision 10 days ago. I sent the man an SMS straight away and he's responded so I can go buy the painting things sometime this week.

I was SO enjoying the process of  cooking this evening which gave me the idea to write a post about things I enjoy about being home.

I love being away but I also love being home. Let's count the reasons why:
  1. my bed (I think we're getting old - we were sore every morning and this led to me bounding out of bed a lot earlier than I like - 7.30 ish)
  2. my kitchen (where I always thought I was quite minimalist but it seems I have an abundance of pots and pans)
  3. my non-stick pan (can I have an amen?! I caved one day in and went to buy the smallest non-stick pan imaginable so I could fry eggs properly and not have Kendra tell me I'm giving her rotten BROWN eggs...burnt slightly on the edges)
  4. my cutlery (let's just say I have a thing about using cutlery other people have used.... and may start travelling with my own set)
  5. my spices (let me tell you cooking meals with just salt and pepper, and packet sauces of bolognaise is not for the faint-hearted) 
  6. the cold on my cheeks (I walked out of the plane and said YESSS, BABY, I LOVE THE COLD to some odd looks from my fellow passengers)
  7. screwdrivers ((some of you will think we're mean - I don't care - but today D removed the batteries from a Frozen doll... Elsa? (the blonde one). MIL bought K this annoying doll that SINGS Let it go when you press a button on its chest. When she handed it over, D thankfully said straight away to her, "Kendra will be keeping that doll at YOUR house" and there was nervous laughter all around. I said GREAT IDEA a little too enthusiastically from the kitchen. We told K we can't stand hearing that the whole day and I think D said Mummy is going to lose her mind. K was very happy to disable the song, by the way.))

I miss that shower something terrible though - it was amazing. Sadly, our showerhead doesn't even come close. I told D I'm sure this is a problem a couple of hundred rand would fix and it would guarantee us a few hours of happiness a week, separately of course! :)

and I miss this view...


What are you making lemonade out of at the moment?

The kids have another week of school holidays and (for real) said, "OH NO!" when I told them they only go back next Monday. May they always be as happy about school.

 PPS I always take some random photos when I do my Sunday photo of the kids. These were taken a few weeks ago but I happen to be wearing the same jersey and the same nail polish today so it seemed fitting. And strangely affirming of my non-capsule capsule :)


  1. Amen to the non stick pan...

    Well, I've spent almost two weeks training people in what I actually do around secret place. They are sooo screwed just between you and me. ;-)

    1. When your comment came through at work, I LAUGHED! I tend to agree with you about the work thing :)

  2. I think you need to come and deactivate some toys around here too...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Agh my comment got lost in cyberspace. I bought the most wonderful non stick pan at Spar on a whim. It brings me so much joy!

    A actually once asked us to deactivate a Barbie doll my mom gave her. She sang some song from a Barbie movie. I think she got irritated by it.

  5. We have taken batteries out many a toy! David is super sensitive to noise so they really don't last long!

    Cameron missed our couch while we were away and I missed the Wi-Fi.

  6. Thankfully we don't have many "noisy" toys and the few we have all have an off button which K hasn't figured out yet so when it starts to bother me - the off button comes to the rescue!!!


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