Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sheesh - the weeks pass so quickly! 7 months down...

I'm doing so well with my 52-week photo project of the kids.

To date I've missed two weeks and those were because I wasn't in Jhb. So things are going well.

I wrote all about why it's working well (hint - I make is SUPER easy for myself) on the Organising Queen blog.

I suspect that getting them to be agreeable is going to get harder so I'm working it as much as I can this year.

I also bribe with a biscuit or two, and tea - my kids are teapots like me so this works beautifully because I *need* a cup of tea after coaxing these two to sit together.

Tell me about your projects!

Bibles, reading, trying recipes, staying sane, running, anything! :)

I know Julia's doing AMAZING with reading the Bible!


  1. My photo project is going easier than I expected and unhappy to say I just ordered the 18 month photo shoot book!! So I'm up to date on my photo books. Exercising is going ok but not as fantastic as I would like but it does help that it is getting brighter earlier rather than later so no excuses

  2. I just started exercising again - going ok for now because I have set a very low and simple target. Also not doing too badly with Project Life - photos printed up to 3 weeks ago (need to pick them up - the photo place moved way further than they used to be) and journalling the few weeks before that. Also catching up on some of last year that I got behind with the shoulder op.

    Reading is not going as well at the moment - I seem to struggle to find a book that keeps my attention. Odd!

    Cooking ahead of time and having proper dinners is going very well - but mostly thanks to H that is pitching in with cooking meals over the weekend - he is brilliant with this and it makes the world of difference to me.

  3. The only thing on track at this stage is our Precept study of Revelation. We are in the final lessons of Part one that deals with Jesus message to the churches and it has been an amazing journey.


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