Wednesday, July 01, 2015

So the kids went to a party without us and it is very possibly their last time


I heard my phone ring insistently on Sunday (!). It was the mom of a child in the kids' class inviting the kids to a party.

The kids had a playdate there before and they've been here twice.

She said she'd pick them up at 11.50, take them to the Spur and bring them back by 3.

No problem, I said.

cute bunnies!

So I asked Nanny S to tell me when they were fetched (12.29) and when they were returned.

I had meetings this afternoon so I checked at home and they were not home by 4. I kept checking and then D and I left work at 4.50. I phoned Nanny S once more to check - kids still not home, phoned her, no answer - went to voicemail so I left a (stern for me) message saying I am worried about the kids and please to phone me ASAP.

We drove straight there and their house was in darkness.

I was all for driving straight to the Spur but D reminded me that there'd be no-one home in case they came.

So he dropped me, and then went to look for them.

Of course 5 minutes later they arrived - 5.54 pm. This from a 3pm end to a party.

pic by Connor, cropped by me

I was very cross (this is an understatement) but I didn't chat much because I wanted to get rid of her.

That is the last time I let them be fetched by her... obviously.

I wouldn't have minded if she'd sent an SMS to say they were still there. Also Nanny S could have left at 4 and had an early day if we knew.

I understand some people are different from me, but 3 hours later than the end time! I would have let the other mother know if we were just 30 minutes late.

When they arrived home, they rushed to the kitchen for water. I asked them: "why are you so thirsty? Didn't you have any water today?"

No, we only had creme soda.


There we have it - the babies' first taste of creme soda at 6 days to 6 years old!

When did your kids have any soda for the first time?
Do you think I'm overreacting about the mom?


  1. So not an overreaction at all. I would've been so freaked out and calling this lady, all the time.

    Yay for making it so long till they had soda, it gives me hope that it is possible to do so :)

  2. What!!!!! I would have gone to said spur!!! I expect a heightened sense of responsibility when you have custody of other people's kids. Any after 15 minutes later I would have called or sent a message to the parents. And no water!!! Seriously. I usually don't understand how people have parties and don't provide water. Some of us just prefer to drink that. Not a big fan of soda at all.

  3. Definitely not an overreaction, not at all! I would have been panicking that something had happened and they're in the emergency room etc. And I would have been pissed off big-time. It's so easy to let parents know things are running late, she sounds very thoughtless.

  4. Noooo! By that time I would have been at the Spur furious! A often goes with her BFF mom to places (from about grade 1) but she is very diligent and will sms a bit before the agreed time if they are still busy and we will agree on a later time. Never again with this mom!

    As to the creme soda - I think you did well until now. We do some soda over weekends now and again.

  5. If there's anything I don't want my kids to be fed/given while in the care of another parent, I make a point of telling that parent beforehand that we do not allow *blah*. As for being 3 hours late, however, I would have been LIVID! Anything more than 10 minutes late requires the courtesy of a phone call, full stop.
    I would also not trust that mom with my kids again.

  6. Oh Gosh!!! I would have been an anxious wreck!!!

  7. I would have freaked out! You have not overreacted at all.
    as for the creme soda... that's impressive!

  8. This is inexcusable!!! I totally agree with you...30 minutes late, I would have called...if not 15 minutes!!! I can only imagine how beside yourself you must have been with worry (and then [at least for me] anger!).

    It's very true that different people have different philosophies, but 3 HOURS is waaaaay too much for every the most laid-back of people to ignore. I am speechless. Truly.

    (On a soda note, our girls have never had soda...well, except yesterday when we went out for lunch. Janko was getting water for all of us [a sandwich shop where you fix your own drinks]. It didn't look right to me, so I tasted it...soda water. He left to get more, and A asked if she could try it. She took a tiny sip and spit it back into the cup. HA! I don't think the girls will be trying soda anytime soon!!! ;)

  9. I would have been ready to kill! 3 hours late and not answering the phone on top of it is absolutely unacceptable.

  10. I would have been livid and I would have given her an earful when she eventually turned up!
    I can't remember when my knucklehead had cooldrink the first time though... It may have been before he was 6. I did insist he not have any coffee until he was 12.

  11. So I am catching up on reading blogs posts... for the first time in weeks. literally and I cannot believe what I am reading. Before I say Happy Birthday to your beautiful babies, I just want to say that is totally unacceptable!!! And before you double check yourself... I have heap of kids and never ever let my little ones go to parties unchaperoned by a much older sibling. My oldest daughter usually goes with them... firstly she is helpful and moms usually like having her around, and secondly little people can simply be unaware that they need to call home and say they are going to be five or ten minutes late. THREE HOURS.... They might also just forget themselves and for get to ask for help if they need it. And as for soda, my kids know that consuming anything with sugar will make them thirsty... and drink lots of water and so you will need heaps of bathroom breaks. They tend to elect no sugar - and to stay in the party. Anyway... thats a no, not ever again playdate... nothing to discuss, just no. Honestly I am shocked that this could happen, I would have been beside myself, and I am pretty relaxed about most things. But THREE HOURS...


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