Monday, July 20, 2015

Stories of the tooth fairy

Connor has now lost two teeth; Kendra none.

I find this whole story fascinating and sad too - my babies are growing up.

It's so nice to have big kids who can clearly articulate "I can't have toast, Mummy, because it hurts my gums here".

Isn't that much better than 6-month old babies screaming? DIVINE.

Have I mentioned that I don't miss the baby stage?

If it were only up to me, we'd not have any of this Tooth Fairy nonsense but I go along with it since it seems the entire Jhb does.

I can't remember this being a thing in PE.

Anyway, the tooth fairy only pays R10 at our house and at "our Ballito house" as the kids call it.

These pics were taken on 2 May after the first one came out.

Then there was a second one "helped" out by his sister. They were playing rough (do your kids push and shove) and K accidentally knocked out the 2nd tooth. It was loose.

I'm not sure but I think I screamed louder than Connor.

(I'm not good with blood.. and there was a lot)

Fortunately D found the tooth somewhere in the Ballito lounge and we could do the Tooth Fairy in Ballito.

Connor is very excited about his money, of course.

I explained that he should tithe his R1 so God can bless the rest of his money and he said, "I don't want blessings; I want my money" which of course led us into a whole thing on tithing because if there's one thing I'm fervent about, it's that.

On the bright side, he had a nice smile on his 6th birthday; the tooth was only knocked out the following day.

How much does the Tooth Fairy pay at your house?


  1. A's tooth was terribly loose before our 4.75-year old family pictures. I was SO thankful she still had a full smile...and she lost it a few days later. Then, just before the family pics we took a few weeks ago, I was hoping her new big-kid tooth wouldn't pop through...I wanted that toothless grin one more time. ;)

    No tooth fairy here. You know we do the add-a-bead bracelets. I love that tradition (although it's way more expensive! HA!). I figure they can keep the bracelet forever (or I hope they'll want to, anyway). :)

    Precious boy!!! Hope K is doing OK with not having lost any! Our B was in the same boat. It was definitely a lesson in patience for her!

  2. "Can we not talk about teeth anymore because it makes me sad in my heart."
    I about melted into the floor when Em let that line loose! C lost her first tooth and the second one is close behind but poor Em hasn't got the slightest wiggle. I desperately wanted to avoid the fairy but my mother purchased them each an embroidered pillow and told all about this magical fairy. So here I am handing out dollars! Gah! I never carry cash so now I have a stash in my night stand.

  3. I can't believe you did the tooth fairy!!!!!! And Connor dear Connor never ceases to amazr me but I'm happy a lesson in tithing was learnt. Best to teach them early. How is K doing? Eager to Also loose a tooth or just happy with her full smile for now.

    Ps: we also had no tooth fairy growing up. Though I recall faintly some funny tradition related to lost tooth. Need to ask my sis about it but I know it was some crazy funny thing.

  4. I had the tooth mouse growing up as most Afrikaans kids have and when A lost her first tooth she was still at the English school - hence the tooth faerie comes for girls in our house and the mouse for boys. Ours pay R20 and they save it with gusto. Ours are little savers - this holiday they got R50 from both grans and from dad - not one of them spent a sent of that R150 - straight into their piggies to grow with tuck shop money not spent to buy bigger things. Amazing how fast that principle is learned

  5. If it's any consolation, the longer their baby teeth last, the healthier their "big" teeth generally tend to be, so Ms. K isn't really losing out - she gets to have tooth fairy visits AND especially strong teeth!

  6. My gut feel was to go with R20 on fairy visits, but now that there are two other kids in the mix we kind of have to maintain a pace set by a more generous fairy. The almost step-sister of the same age gets R50 a tooth for nearly rotten teeth so that's what our fairy is paying now too for good teeth. A smallish blessing is that there are laaaarge lapses in time between visits as N doesn't want the teeth to go and she doesn't yank them when they start wiggling. They literally have to fall out on their own or stay where they are, even if they"re so loose they wave when she speaks.

    Oh is what it is, I guess. *shrug* In the grand scheme of things it works out okay. We used to get R5 as kids if the tooth was in good condition. If you think inflation halves money's worth/buying power roughly every five years that would mean in today's rate we would have received a bit more than R320 a tooth? 31 years between then and now...R5...5 years = R10. 10 years = R20. 15 years = R40. 20 years = R80. 25 years = R160. 30 years = R320.

    R50 is not so bad really... ;-)

    1. Ha ha ha! This made me laugh!! And I'm sure I didn't miss the "almost step sister" hint :)


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