Saturday, July 04, 2015

The most unprepared holiday ever

So it would appear I'm on holiday!

When we came back from Sabie in April, I decided I needed to "look forward" to something so we checked school holiday dates, checked (my favourite) accommodation, and booked flights and accommodation.

We didn't book a car because that's the least of our worries, right?

Normally, right.

holiday nails - the only thing I did prepare!

Except D wanted to book a few days before and............. no cars in the whole of Dbn.

Yes, apparently it's the Durban July (horse racing) and today I found it's also the Ballito Pro (surfing championships) so that could account for the no car situation.

We have reserved a car from tomorrow afternoon when the Dbn July people go back to wherever they came from.

this photo looks like nothing much but it took mad skillz to not get the crowds in the frame

Interesting times and I hate being without a car! We are "sharing" my SIL's car which is kind of them but we both don't like asking so I really can't wait for 2pm tomorrow :)

Aside from that, Ballito is a bit colder than I thought but I love the beach and I'll take it any which way!

I should have my grey skies in the next few days and then "life will be complete" :)

What's the weather like back home?

How are you enjoying the middle of winter?

Kendra also has "holiday" nails

those cheeks - leftover signs of baby!

PS the car is just the start of it, but in the interest of staying positive, let's leave it at that.


  1. It is warming up here which is weird.

    Cameron and I are heading to Durban tomorrow.

  2. My girlfriend is going on a vacation next week, and she was saying how "unprepared" she is. I know it may feel maddening in one sense...but think, on the other hand, how freeing it is that you can improvise. You never could have done that when the babies were smaller. (Silver lining!) I hope things settle for you soon and you have a fantastic time!!!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BABIES!!! Hugs to you all!!!

  3. Hope the cat situation is resolved now?

    On the good side you are at the beach!! Can't wait to see all the lovely pictures
    It is quite warm here for winter.And I'm grateful to God we haven't had any of the usual winter illnesses. Long may it continue

    Ps: how do you have a holiday with the in-laws?

  4. Ah beautiful Ballito. Enjoy the holidays. I miss that place.

  5. Ah beautiful Ballito. Enjoy the holidays. I miss that place.

  6. Ah beautiful Ballito. Enjoy the holidays. I miss that place.

  7. We really haven't had a cold winter at all this year. Apart from a few really icy days, it's been pretty mild.
    I'm kind of meh about holidays right now. I'm finding it difficult to get and/or stay excited about much.
    Hope you guys are having fun!

  8. So I hope its just the beginning of being unprepared and not of having a not so great holiday? I hope you enjoy it to the full. We had wonderful weather this weekend and today - those wonderful warm winters days around 22

  9. It is cold in the bay. I don't know how you manage to go on vacation with your in laws. Enjoy!

  10. Enjoy! It's cold up here!


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