Tuesday, July 07, 2015

These babies are SIX!

I know it sometimes gets old to hear me say this kind of thing, but I honestly can't believe these babies are six!

I figured it out though - the first year dragggggggged in 3 - 4 hour increments as it does...- so it felt like forever.

And then we were sleeping and the time just flew by.

When I think about how quickly these last 5 years went, it seems like I may blink and they'll be finishing primary school.

Isn't that crazy?

Anyway, enough of my over-thinking.

These gorgeous children are six today and I must say, I love having kids I can converse with, share hobbies with, and that can do real things with me.

They amaze me daily with the things they say, and I am honoured to be their mother.

Happy birthday, babies!

PS this set of pics perfectly captures everything about this age - their string bean-ness, the sass, playfulness, cuteness, sweetness, silliness and everything in between.


  1. Happy birthday Connor and Kendra!!! And yes time really does fly!!!! I recall them at 3 and now they are 6!!!! Hope they are having a good birthday

  2. Happy birthday to K and C. And happy parent-aversary to you :)

  3. Happy birthday babies!

  4. Oh, myyyyy...the second and third pictures of them standing!!! And K has your eyes!!! (I'm usually rotten with seeing those kinds of things, but that was just now crystal clear to me.) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CONNOR!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KENDRA!!! Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful celebration!!! <3 <3

  5. Happy happy 6th birthday to Connor and Kendra! We know you have a great year ahead. Lots of love

  6. Hope they had a FABULOUS birthday - and congratulations to you! You're right - primary school is over before you know it; I can't believe my big girl is gearing up for high school in just 6 months' time!

  7. Happy happy birthday to them both :))

    Yip blink and they are 13 years old!!! It does go so fast.


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