Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Travels and work and craziness

Thanks so much for sharing your tooth fairy stories on the last post.That was so fun to read.

Well.... I'm back. Sheesh - that makes it three weekends in a row I've been away or flat-out busy.

I can't WAIT for this weekend to just chill. And by chill I mean get stuck into my photos, cuddling with the babies and cooking.

This past weekend I flew to PE. My trip was two-fold: my mother's birthday (no, nothing was planned) and a span.ish re.union. Win-win.

It sounded like a good idea when I booked back in May but work is so crazy busy it's ridiculous...first day back and I worked another 3 hours that night. I haven't even been on Instagram for two days. Who am I?!

Aside from work, there's the babies of course and I'm not great at letting go. Tonight K was clinging to D as we went out the door and about to start the crying (yes, still) so C said, "Kendra, you need to learn to let go of things you love" and D and I exchanged looks above the kids...... Such wisdom in the newly 6-year-old.

I have no issues with letting everyone get on without me. They are all quite capable of dressing and feeding themselves. It was more me missing them.

Anyway, it was all lovely. I read two books, spent some good time connecting with my family and two friends, and saw TONS of people I haven't seen for 23 years. And danced! Pics in another post once I download and sort.

I did, however, seriously consider buying a pair of gumboots what with all the rain!

Those of you who are insta-friends saw I was stuck in the airport for 8 extra hours while our flight was first delayed, and then cancelled. At first I said "I'll never fly this airline again" BUT really, they were so professional about everything and communication was outstanding, and as I told the lady I was chatting with, I would much rather they take the necessary precautions and we all arrive alive than have the unthinkable happen!!!

I was exhausted yesterday at work but nothing stops and so we continue. Today I'm not much more wide awake today but I do want to make a start on the Ballito photos, even if just for 30 minutes.

What's up in your world?

Louisa, how many days til Spring? (we have the best winter weather up here... and the best water for drinking)

PS these are the photos from Mother's Day.


  1. These kids are wiser than we give them credit for!!! Hope you do get a relaxing weekend as planned. 8 hours is a long time to be stuck for a 2 hour flight! Thankfully no connecting flights involved

  2. 38! :-)
    I am very much over winter...and I have been for most of the last two months of course.

  3. The rain in PE was hectic! And yes, nice and warm here - apart that the cold front is busy coming in and it was freezing on site in Joburg around midday

  4. Hope things calm down for you! But I'm glad you did get some time away with your family...


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