Friday, July 10, 2015

Whose bright idea was this party?

I kept asking D this evening, whose bright idea was it to throw a party the MORNING after we return from an 8-day holiday?

Wisely, he just smiled.

I'm holding onto the fact that this is not going to happen this.

6 girls and 6 boys at separate parties next year once school opens. That's it.

Unless I can convince them that the holiday replaces a party....

Friends, please remind me of this post in May 2016 :)

What have you been up to?

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  1. Ha ha ha ha... I'm sure it will be fun and make it all worth it!

    What have I been up to... Work, work and more work. Too busy I even missed a team building event (ironic)

  2. Oh, wow...yes, you are a nut!!! I'm sure it went great, though. You are the master of planning and organization and perspective. Hope the kiddos had fun! :) :)

  3. Oh you are brave...

  4. I have laugh because this is my life :)

    Sure it went well thought.


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