Friday, August 21, 2015

5 things I want less of this year

You guys seem to really like these kinds of posts!

If you missed the 5 things I want more of post, here you go.

1. Stuff in my house

I'm busy doing Konmari on my house. OH, I am loving it. Go read the full story on my other blog.

At the moment, I have a couch in my study FULL of my clothes, my dining room table is full of stuff, and I have a huge bag of puzzles/ games and another of clothes for a children's home.

If this is something that interests you, keep following that blog - I have enough for about 8 posts but I need to cap it at 5.

2. Weight

Every year I put "lose weight" on my list and strangely it doesn't frustrate me...much. I know it's not a big deal because I am healthy and strong, and that's what matters, but it would be nice to hit my number. Which is far off the Weigh-less number, but there you go.

I'm also aware that if nothing else changes (fitness levels and eating habits), every decade adds an automatic 5 kg due to a slowing down of metabolism....

3. Mental weight

During the first half of this year, many things weighed very heavy on my heart. I've shared small snippets of some of them here on the blog, and others remain unshared (except I shared a few snippets with Pamela in PE - maybe these are things to talk to people face-to-face instead of through words?)

My word of the year is enough. I've put into place a lot of boundaries because I've had enough of many things.

It's not easy and some of this mental weight has hurt me in the short term (this is still the short term), but I need to respect myself more in some areas by just letting go.

One quick example - at work, I've been working like a slave because somehow that was always my way. But this is a different environment and it's not possible to turn around things in 24 hours all the time, so I'm re-training my clients to have more reasonable turnaround times.

4. Untried recipes on my Pinterest board

I know some just use it for fun but I still see my boards as a target :)

For fun, I want less of the unrealistic pinning and more taking action and trying. I love it when I try things and they stick, or I can toss the recipe.

I want to go through my recipe folders (flip files) and if it doesn't spark joy, out it goes.

On that note, I'm ready to finally concede - I can't make fudge! Not even with a candy thermometer. I'm willing to give it one more bash IF I can do the next batch with someone.

Any fudge-makers out there?

5. Physical books on my shelf

I read a ton - fiction from the library and I buy books for my Kindle when I go on holiday - and of course, non-fiction. My new favourite (FAVOURITE!) way of reading non-fiction is through Audible which means I have lots of books on my shelves not getting read.

I'm going to be going through my books in the next couple of months to see which don't spark joy but in any case, I want fewer physical books unread and more read.

On another note, I really need to learn to stop reading stuff that I hate.

Now, what do you want less of for the remaining 4.5 months of 2015?

PS These are photos from Ballito - the kind of photos I love to take. Do you have a favourite?


  1. I have a thing, if something hasn't been worn in the season it's meant for then it goes in the giveaway bag. If it's too small, and still pretty good I trade with a friend. We keep a giveaway bag going the entire year - but it's easy because K is growing like a weed, and we have friends to pass it onto.

    Our physical book collection is kinda under control, but I'm indulging in as much of the beautiful illustrated kids books as my budget allows. They're so lovely, and great to share my love of books with K. Other than books for him, the book buying rule for this year has been only something that J and I will read - so it's mostly fantasy. So far it's been 5 books I got on sale for under R50 :).

    So with you on the weight, both physical and mental. I want to be less unkind to myself, but that's a thing to work on. I really need to look into audio books, it makes sense, I enjoy podcasts so books should work. Letting go of a book you don't want to read is amazing. Saying no to a bad book means more time for a good book.

    1. Cassey, that's good discipline with the clothes and books!

      I love what you said here - Saying no to a bad book means more time for a good book. I want to make a printable :)

  2. I do love this posts...wish I can find time to do some of them too. I want less negativity and less procrastination.

  3. That's it... we are going to get together and make fudge. Next time you are in Cape town or I dare to venture to Joburg... we are going to create fudge together. I do declare it!!!

  4. HA! So many of these things I have manged to get less of this year! My weight (0.2 from goal as of today - WOOT), stuff in the house. I am so proud of this. We took out Emma's got yesterday and the last of her baby baby clothes. Garage was cleared out a few weeks ago. We have SPACE - not as in space for more kids but space on the shelves, space in the cupboards. We have very little unused stuff at the moment! It has taken me 3 years to get here!

    I am actively trying all the recipes I want to now - I have ingredients for two this week! I am tired of going "Oh that looks nice" and then making boring mince again for supper.

    With the declutter I now have two empty book shelves (ok the one is empty and the one is 90% empty). I am torn between donating one or starting to full them again!

    Cameron is trying to perfect fudge. He hasn't got there yet. He made a really lovely one yesterday. Milk tart fudge but it wont set properly - we can cut it etc but its too soft. He is determined to get it right but I think my stove is letting him down, it gets too hot too quickly.

  5. Stuff -= stuff! Just clear out stuff in the house.

    A makes the perfect fudge - well she has done so twice now.Silky smooth. But I am no fudge lover - she and H are . They are now thinking about adding nuts and whatever. Want the recipe? (It takes 45 minutes continuous stirring on the stove)


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