Tuesday, August 11, 2015

5 things I want more of now I'm 41 :)

I made my lovely things list last night but instead of sharing a more linear format, I thought I'd spice it up.

I want more of these things during this next year of my life :)

I know I go on a lot of holidays but really, that's the point, isn't it? I'm really happy spending money on holidays :)

I've been very intentional this year about sleeping longer, and I really want to carry this forward. These are my average hours for the month. I do great on the weekends and not-so-great during the week.

Jan 06:38
Feb 06:40
Mar 06:58
Apr 07:09
May 07:04
Jun 07:22
Jul 07:13


I was doing so very well on Sunday afternoons. Straight after lunch I'd collapse in the sunroom with a stripey mug of tea and read for 3 hours while kids and husband did their own thing.

I don't know what happened but I want it back.


Not necessarily more photos, but more fun projects or challenges. Of course, I intend to finish 52walksin2015 and the52project first.

Terisha/ Louisa - do you recognise where this one is from?

Amazing how God can speak to you through reading a children's Bible!

The more he listened to Jesus and knew Jesus' heart, the more he loved Him.


I want to know His heart more and that comes from reading the Word. Daily!

What do you want more of for the last 5 months of the year?


  1. Lovely list. Be closer to God, Peace, comfort, good health and increase my walking pace! these are things I want more of

  2. Why do you always ask me such difficult questions my friend? I also want to read more, exercise more, see more friends, and always be closer to God

  3. I love your list. I echo your being closer to God, and reading more. I don't do well without at least 8 hours sleep at night...so we tend to go to bed early, read for a while and then bliss.

  4. Love your list, as always! At quick thought, I want more organization and more purposeful time spent. I'm SO proud of myself for catching up on pictures over the last 3 months. And now I've [almost] FINALLY organized my office. (I finally found THE bookshelf I was looking for...put it together with the girls...it's perfect for the last few things we needed to wrangle!)

    I need to keep focused on using my time at night wisely. It feels SO good when I do!

  5. Sleep, so much more sleep. And time to myself where I do nothing and not feel guilty about it.

  6. I really want to start taking more pictures. I have been taking a lot more since doing all the reviews and stuff on SA Mom blogs but I need to start taking more. I was sorting photos a few weeks ago and I used to take loads of the kids everywhere we went with my big camera!

  7. Ballito! :-)
    The last bit of 2015 still seems a bit up in the air for me. I'm not stressed about it at all.

    1. Obviously :) It's from the section opposite where there's always a cat! And that sloped white building with the outside tap to rinse sandy feet (for residents only)

  8. I want photos - I've neglected this over the past few months.
    I want God - hence the Bible and conscious prayer time things
    I want silence - this is VERY hard to come by
    I want physical movement - specifically swimming and yoga
    I want reading - another thing I've neglected lately.


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