Sunday, August 23, 2015

Can we talk about burgers?

I am not a burger type of person.

As in, a burger is probably the last thing I'd ever order. Wait no, a salad by itself is the last thing I'd ever order, with a burger coming in second last.

When I am not with D and the kids, then they go have burgers (that's how much I don't like burgers).

(although that place in Parkhurst does make fantastic burgers - Jeanette, help me?)

However...while we were in Ballito, I was suddenly quite taken with the idea of having a burger.

We were at the Milk Cafe and it was lunch time, and I didn't feel like my standard staple, a toasted cheese and tomato on brown bread.

I asked the waitress for the SMALLEST burger imaginable.

This is what I got.


I enjoyed that burger so much because it tasted home-made, the slab of meat wasn't too big and it felt manageable (not like a typical burger where I'm put off my food and I haven't even started eating). The roll was also nice and firm, not too white bready and soft (yuck!).

(when I shared this with two guys I work with, they both looked at me like I was crazy. I embrace the crazy...)

How do you feel about burgers on a scale of 1 - 10?

(I'm still a 2 on the scale, except this one was an 8 which is a lot for me!)

Next time we're going to talk about My Search for Thai Mussamen Curry.


  1. Burgers on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest possible score 1!!! I'm not a burger fan at all!! Though occasionally I do have some gourmet burger that makes me think maybe 5!!! I would rather have a wrap.

  2. Burgers in generally are a 5 for me, but those are a different matter. Sliders are a 8 - 10, it's a size thing.

  3. I LOVE a Steers burger - obviously I can't have the bun but still I enjoy them without it. We often make burgers at home.
    Cameron is searching for the perfect burger! He LOVES them :)

  4. I LOVE burgers. Cheese burgers. But none of that chemical crap from McDonald's and the like. I'm all about the pure beef patty and the delicious, melty cheese, baby!
    What makes me sad is the fact that none of the decent burger places I know of offer gluten free options. So burgers have become a once in a blue moon cheat meal for me, and then I pay the price afterwards!

  5. You're thinking about Wolf Pack in Parkhurst.
    As for burgers... the more they taste like homemade the better.

  6. I love good hamburgers - about a 4 but crappy ordinary burgers about a 1. We have a few places that makes amazing burgers here. At Burger Bistro I had a cranberry and camembert burger with a homemmade medium to rare patty, Perfection,

  7. Burgers are right up there with braai for me. With Braai a 10 and Burgers a 9 1/2. As long as it smells and taste like outside, sunny skies and good times, I love it.

  8. I am not a burger fan...but if I order one it will be a chicken burger. I love making my own chicken burgers with Woolies chicken that is seriously yummy :)

  9. I love burgers! With chips and a milkshake on the side! YUMMO!

  10. I have become a burger person. My friends like to go to posh (expensive) restaurants and then the burger is the cheapest thing on the menu. The burgers in these restaurants are usually home-made and served with sour dough bread. I LOVE them. I always have it with bacon and cheese. That is my FAVOURITE combo. And hand-cut chips. I can't do wimpy and steers and mcdonalds "burgers".


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