Thursday, August 27, 2015

Finding beauty

Look at this beautiful picture. My money shot :)

Rust, chipped paint, lovely texture, colours...

This, THIS, is what those earlier pics are of.

An old, smelly, not-very pretty at first sight toilet on a beach.

But how my mind works - I saw the rust (which is definitely one of my photo love languages) - moved a bit, and got a picture of the beauty!

Does this door below look different to you now?

Yummy, chipped paint!
I see the gorgeous texture :) :)

This has been a hard week for a lot of people - for me and a few others at work, I see on the social media too, a friend's grieving, and maybe you're also having a hard time.

But there's beauty in there somewhere.

Even if it's just that you're still standing.

Hope you see a sliver of beauty somewhere in your situation today!

And next time when you're having an awful time, think of this ugly toilet door and remember that lovely rust and texture above :)


  1. Beautiful message my friend. And I adore those textures

  2. Lovely post and beautiful photos

  3. It's all about perspective... and I love yours!

  4. Thank you. I needed this today, just as we get a praise report for Cliff it seems things are very testy in my company and there are talks of retrenchments... I won't lie I'm unsettled but standing that there will be beauty from these ashes too.


  5. Loved this! Just had this conversation with Karina right now.. that even in the midst of the trial, there is beauty! xxx


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