Sunday, August 09, 2015

So I'm a year older

Gosh, it's only been 4 days since I last wrote but it  feels like forever.

I intended to write last night but my ISP told me I was out of bandwidth - impossible since I should have had about 12 GB left.

All manner of troubleshooting didn't fix it so eventually I went to bed. I was quite calm about the whole thing. I think it's loadshedding that's made me a bit blase about stuff working...

Anyway, back to the birthday.

I worked from home on the actual day - Thursday - which was fabulous. Best decision ever (if you can't go to the beach!). I could fetch the kids from school and go for a walk with them and do a bit of decluttering/ organising in my "tea" breaks.

I had lovely phone calls, messages, and such, which is always very, very nice.

Went to Spanish in the evening and home to takeaway pasta. So a lovely day all in all.

At my work, people are not really "into birthdays" so nothing ever happens unless it's instigated by someone like me. We've had one colleague with a birthday (and another ex-colleague) since I started, and I bought a present and card for both people without anyone else expressing interest. No-one else really cares.

So obviously no fuss was made of mine but I didn't expect anything so I was still happy (my key to happiness is to have low expectations!). I brought in cakes and chips and sausage rolls and festive party plates, etc. which was looked at with .... incredulity :)

Anyway, that is ME! And my rule is to be ME at all costs.


Temp tattoo - the only kind of tattoo I am ever going to have, so I took a picture.

And then yesterday I had a lunch for a few friends.

Last year I invited a ton of people and ended up with 18 guests. This year there was a third of that. Very different but very nice.

I hesitated for sweet forever about whether to have a lunch or not and I only finally decided 10 days before Saturday. It felt VERY last-minute to me but this is what most people do and things end up fine :)

And so ends my birthday week :( And my family's birthday month!!!

an old photo but I love it! taken during Superhero Photo --->>

I didn't get any fiction this year so I've earmarked a few on Amazon to buy for myself :)

I want to write a post about the kids' birthday party, about things I've learnt over this last year, and other such navel-gazing posts, but it's late and my bed is calling!

How's your weekend going?
Do you buy yourself birthday gifts?

PS Two people asked me if we'd redone our kitchen. HA! (no way do I have patience for such an endeavour) Maybe the light looked different or it was cleaner?


  1. Happy, happy birthday, Sweet Marcia! I'm glad to hear you made it *yours*. :) :)

    (And I always, always LOVE that picture!)

    Sending you love and hugs!!!

  2. Hope you had a fabulous birthday and were thoroughly spoilt at home, if not at work!

    1. Thanks MeeA, I did enjoy my birthday "my way" which was was even better than work!

  3. Happy Birthday Marcia!!!
    I love the way you spoil yourself on your birthday ... should make a note of that. I have to lower my expectations especially with my birthdays :-)

    1. Adele, it's the key to happiness! Low, low expectations, make things VERY clear and set up some treats for yourself :)

  4. I am so glad you had a great one - and loved talking to you. I find it a tad sad that no one makes much of a birthday at work?

    1. Yours was one of my favourite phone calls! It's better that they're not false. Of course, when they do find out it's your birthday, people do say Happy Birthday and about 2 people might even give you a hug ;)

  5. Happy, happy birthday my friend...wishing you all the blessing the Lord has for you.

    I have never bought myself 'n gift for my birthday...and now I am making up for that oversight while fixing up my house :-P

    1. Ha! Lynette, you should try it! I do the same for Christmas too. My friend Suzanne taught me that trick and it's fantastic. then there's always something you realllllllly want!

      Thank you - I receive those blessings!

  6. Sounds like you had a great day (And week). I've made a point to take the day off for the past few years and I love it!

    I also Find it sad no one makes s fuss about it at work but now that I take the day off it doesn't bother me much. We get a signed card from the country head (except it is usually the same card for everyone and for about 3 years!

  7. Sounds like you had an amazing birthday week :)

  8. Ah happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed it :( Sounds like it was fabulous.


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