Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The big tree

We went for a walk about a month ago and Connor wanted to go down a street they used to walk down before (they used to walk home from school that way last year), so we went.

So glad we did because... AMAZING tree, LEAVES, abundance!

We took an iphone photo which I loved but everything is better with the Big Camera, right?

The kids and I went back two days later to play in the leaves and have a "proper" photo shoot.

"don't you want to lie down in the leaves?" (Lie is correct; I checked :))
and then we went to gym with my bag of tricks

Which is your favourite photo?


  1. I love the one where they're throwing the leaves!

  2. The leave throwing one is my favorite and the sunset - love love love. Stunning pictures as always

  3. Love that bag of tricks! Magnificent tree - I adore trees. Love the close up one of the kids - I am a close crop lover

  4. Love them throwing the leaves! So much fun!

  5. I love the one of them in the shower of leaves.

  6. My favorite is the one with the kids standing next to the tree. I always want to take more photos but have neglected doing so. Need to change that!

  7. My best is the one with your feet in the purple-ish leaves



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